Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a new day!

I figure I should probably ease myself back into my nightly posts with a few quick thoughts. And just for fun, I'm going to number them! Why is that fun? I don't know... Anyway, here we go!

1)I'm seriously thinking about putting some form of comment moderation on this blog again... Everyday now I'm being forced to erase at least 4 spam comments, and let me tell you, that is REALLY annoying! French, Italian, Japanese, German, you name the language, and I've probably gotten spam from them! Ugh...

2)I'm pretty close to shutting down the picture blog. At the time I started it up it seemed like a good idea, but now I kind of can't figure out why I even created it! Since I usually post pictures on this blog anyway, the picture blog seems kind of redundant and unnecessary.

3)Boy was I ever channeling Spider-Man during my Year in Review post last night or what! The New Year must have made me really mopey or something!

4)The main reason I've been trying to review every new comic I read is so I can continue to make the blog bigger... I'm starting to think that's not that bright of an idea... I think from now on I'm only going to review a select few comics, while I cram the rest of the books I read into one quickie post. That should save me time(and sanity!).

5)Although I'm embarrassed to admit this, I figure I will anyway. Recently my sister brought herself a Nintendo Wii to stay fit or something. The other day I was hanging out with her and playing it, and there was this stupid game where you control a bird on the television, and you have to flap your arms like a moron to make the bird fly around on the TV. So here I am, flailing my arms around like a madman in order to best my sister's score when I wound up messing up my shoulder! It feels a lot better now, but how sad is that?!? Go ahead, laugh... The lesson here is simple, beware the Wii, it has terrible powers!

6)Since I'm still playing catch-up with my comic book reading, I'm not going to be posting reviews for the following comics: Batman: Streets of Gotham 6 & 7, Mighty Avengers 31 & 32, and X-Factor #200. If ya read any of those books and feel like talking about them, comment away, I should be able to respond semi-intelligently about them come tomorrow.

Annnnd, that's it for tonight! As you can see, I got most of my blogging out of my system with last night's gargantuan post, so the only thing left to say is Avengers Assemble! Wait, I mean Long Live The Legion!!!


  1. I like your other site! It's totally up to you, but just know I always think your captions are hilarious. I especially liked when you would do the theme weeks. I believe you did some cool Flash moments a while back...

    Don't be embarassed about the Wii thing. As long as you didn't have to go to the hospital or have major surgery, it ends up being a funny story and not a sad one.

    It sounds like you and your sister are pretty close (as you have mentioned her quite a bit). That's cool. My brother is one of my best friends, which is sometimes hard for people to understand.

  2. Hmm, you may have just saved the picture site Kello! If(and I'm still on the fence)I do keep the pic site alive, I think I'll just pick a weekly theme, that way I can just scan 7 comics at once instead of having to find a book, and then pick a page to scan every night. You don't know how many times I'll have my laptop and scanner, but I'll have forgotten to grab a comic to scan for the site.

    No, trust me, the visual of me standing on that stupid Wii balance board while flapping my arms IS quite embarassing! And then to injure myself to boot! Sad... Man, if I would have torn something, I can't imagine waiting in the emergency room...
    Doctor:"So what happened to you?"
    Me:"Umm, I really hurt my shoulder while playing avideo game..."

    I can totally relate to you and your brother Kello. As weird as it may sound, I'd easily consider my sister to be my best freind. We're only a year apart age-wise, so we've always been close, plus she's my only non-blogging friend who reads comics, so that's a major plus as well.

  3. Kello beat me to it, I was gonna say I love the picture site, I rely on it for sweet action pics when I'm describing comic characters my friends don't know. Love live the Uncanny Comic Book Scans!

    Dude I had a Wii and got friggin Tennis elbow from playing Mario Tennis...I mean I wasn't diagnosed with it but I'd assume thats why my elbow hurt like hell after three days of playing it. The Wii is produced by the Hospitals to get us in there paying bills...yeah I said it :P lol.

  4. That's enough for me! Start the parade, the picture blog will continue to live on!!! I'll do some sort of official announcement tomorrow. Oh, and as an early heads up, I think the first theme week for the pic blog is going to feature a certain Dick Grayson.

    Jason, that's perfect! You probably just figured out one of the biggest secrets of all-time. It's not Nintendo behind the Wii, it's actually the medical industry as a whole! It all makes perfect sense. Not only did I hurt my arm playing with that thing, I nearly fell off that stupid Wii fit board as well... I can see hundreds of little kids lining hospital emergency rooms with all sorts of Wii-related injuries. Wow, the Wii=Pure Evil!!!

  5. Awesomeness, I feel like a crusader for I don't but still, we helped save the picture blog and that rules, plus a Grayson Theme is just icing on the proverbial cake.

    See, their trying to get everyone in the hospital so they can raise your insurance rates, Wii = Weird Insurance Invention. Dun dun dunnn!

  6. Yep, later on tonight, after I'm finished responding to my comments, I'll be publishing a post about the new plans for the pic blog over there.

    "Wii = Weird Insurance Invention" The fact that you came up with that has me rolling with laughter man! THAT was awesome!

  7. Awesome, I usually go down the line in comments so after commenting on our long going wrestling conversation that is WAY off topic from Titans #17, I'll check it out.

    I swear it just popped into my head outta nowhere. Glad I could add some laughter to ya life lol.