Sunday, January 3, 2010

The post that almost was...

I was all set to bust out a huge, amazing, awe-inspiring post about the comics I'd read last night, but looking at the clock, I just realized that it's getting late, and I've got to be up early(ish)tomorrow... Oh well, there goes what could have potentially been the GREATEST post of all time!!! As you can probably tell by the fact that I've become totally delusional, I really am running on just about empty, but I figured I'd post something just so I don't get out of habit of blogging(again).

I guess I'll start with the books I read last night. X-Factor #200 was really good, and had a few laugh out loud moments(as usual), while the two issues of Streets of Gotham I read were also solid. I also breezed through two issues of Mighty Avengers, and I have to say that I enjoyed them as well. I must have been in a great mood last night! Soon(maybe Sunday or Monday night)I'll put together a quickie post with a little bit more detail then simply saying they were "solid"... Man, that would be a really sucky review... "I just read Streets of Gotham #7. It was solid. The end." Then again, I'm sure some people would say that's an improvement over most of my work!

Umm, let's see, what else can I mention... I intend on reading Green Lantern #49, Daredevil #503 and possibly Gotham City Sirens #5 & 6 before I fall asleep tonight. If I can't get to sleep I'll probably finish up the Arkham Asylum: Living Hell trade I've been slowly reading through the past few night. Hmm, I'm running out of topics... Well, before this post descends into total gibberish, I think I'll end things here by saying Up, Up and Away! And by that I mean Long Live The Legion!!!


  1. I liked Arkham Asylum living Hell for what it was, I have a review of it over at JTCS I brought over from Batmania, feel free to give it a look and see what we agreed and disagreed on when ya finish.

  2. This is completely off-topic (well, kind of), but I got an extra black ring from the cashier at the comic store over break. Do you want it, X-Man? I can't remember if you ever got one. I never even opened the other one I got in July...

  3. Jason: Whenever I do finish off that trade(I didn't even get around to it yesterday)I'll be sure to give your post a read.

    Kello: Thanks for the offer man! I'd happily have taken you up on it, but about a week ago I decided to just go ahead and buy the whole ring set from one of the online CB shops I frequent... Man, I wish I had known last week!