Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey, it's the first non-post of the Spring semester!!!

Since I spent yesterday reading comics, posting, checking blogs and the like, I'm going to have to catch up on my Accounting homework tonight... That means this lousy post is it for tonight! After I end this post, I'll post a Flash pic on the other site, respond to any comments I've gotten since yesterday, check out the few blogs I follow for new material, and then dig into that Accounting homework! Sounds like a great time, no? To be honest, I really don't have anything comic related to talk about... I read Guardians of the Galaxy #21 last night, and wasn't overly impressed, I finished up the second Manhunter trade and was QUITE impressed, and Action Comics #885 came in the mail today. That's about it... Well, I think I've wasted enough time here, if you have something more interesting to chime in about, leave me a comment, if not, then Long Live The Legion!

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