Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Quick Look at Wonder Woman #37

Writer: Gail Simone. Art: Bernard Chang.

What Happened: We open this comic with the dead God of war, Ares, taunting Wonder Woman in a dream, stating that one of his best agents(presumably Alkyone)is betraying WW and the Amazons as they speak. After some more taunting, Ares departs. Meanwhile, on Themyscira, several missing Amazons return to the island. While that is occurring, Alkyone is plotting with Achilles. Wonder Woman decides to head to Themyscira to take her mother off of the island before things get any worse there. Upon her arrival, WW is attacked by Donna Troy, who blames WW for the deaths of her husband and children. It seems that Donna's battles with Genocide have left her slightly off kilter, which is why she sees WW as her arch enemy. WW tries to wrap Donna up with her lasso so she'll see the truth, but at the lasso's touch, Donna begins to scream in agony. WW realizes that some of Genocide's evil residue remains on the lasso, so she tosses it in the sea with the hope that removing the lasso from Donna's proximity will right her mind. WW's ploy pays off, and she makes up with Donna, after which the two women head back to Themyscira to confront Achilles. Upon arriving, they discover WW's mother, the former queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, wrapped in chains. Hippolyta explains to WW that Achilles(who was chosen by the gods to be the king of the Amazons)has decided to take Alkyone as his queen, and that they have decided to execute her for the good of Themyscira. This issue ends with Alkyone demanding WW turn over her weapons from the gods since she is no longer the princess of the Amazons.

What I Thought: I liked this issue. It wasn't mind blowing or anything, but it was a good, solid comic book. Nothing stands out as really good or really bad, so I honestly don't have much to say here... I'm guessing the real fireworks between WW, Alkyone and Achilles will begin next issue, so I might as well wait until then before I really delve into the events of this comic.

Score: 7 out of 10.Hmm, I've got to say, Ares has DEFINITELY looked better...

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