Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Quick Look at Daredevil #502

Writer: Andy Diggle. Art: Roberto De La Torre.

What Happened: This issue opens up with the paralyzed Owl being betrayed by his top three lieutenants. With Owl stuck in a hospital bed, the three goons have decided to divvy up his criminal enterprise amongst themselves. Needless to say, Owl doesn't take this news very well. From there Daredevil has a nightmare about his woman troubles, and wakes up in his underground Hand lair. White Tiger, who is only pretending to be a member of the Hand(like Black Tarantula and DD himself), demands to know why DD killed Master Izo at the end of the last issue. DD takes her to Izo's body and explains that Izo isn't really dead, only faking it, and on cue Izo awakens(HA! I knew it!). The scene then shifts to Kingpin's office in midtown Manhattan. Owl's three lieutenants from earlier arrive and tell Kingpin that they had told Owl exactly what Kingpin had ordered them to. Kingpin tells them that he wants them to pretend to run Owl's organization, while in reality, they'll be taking orders from him. One of the lieutenants doesn't agree with this arrangement is is beheaded by Lady Bullseye for mouthing off to Kingpin. The other two lieutenants quickly fall in line after witnessing that. This issue ends with some crooked cops interrupting a drug buy and taking the drugs for themselves. Before the cops can shoot the drug buyers, Daredevil and his Hand army arrive on the scene.

What I Thought: I liked this comic. It wasn't the greatest comic book in the history of comics, but it was a good, solid book. As I(and probably every other DD fan)suspected, Izo didn't die last issue, he only faked it, so that the Hand would take DD in as their leader. So now that we know DD isn't pure evil, it should be interesting to see how far he allows the Hand ninjas under his command to go next issue as they confront the crooked cops. The Hand has always been a clan of assassins, so it should be VERY interesting to see if they kill the cops, and if not, then how will DD convinces them not to kill the cops while still maintaining the charade that he is the evil leader of the Hand. All the story lines are easy to follow and beginning to come together here, what more can I ask for?

Score: 8 out of 10.I hate it when that happens!

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