Thursday, November 19, 2009

*Grumble, Grumble*

And so it's come down to this. I'm now resorting to quoting monsters from the Legend of Zelda instead of reviewing comic books... Well, what can ya do? My comic book reading is all messed up right now, all thanks to this damned postal "error" I've been dealing with. Instead of reviewing a comic book tonight, I figure I'll review my sad comic book situation.

What Happened: On October 8th at around 5 PM, X-Man75 placed an order with his favorite comic book shop. The order contained two weeks worth of comic books, and the only reason he placed the order was because he had added enough comics to the shopping cart to qualify for free shipping. X-Man's comic package wound up making its way to the Philadelphia mail sorting facility(as usual)on the 12th of October, and X-Man was happily thinking that he'd be reading his comics by the end of the week. However, that was not to be. The comic book package strangely remained at the sorting facility until the 15th, which was about when X-Man was expecting to receive the package. Dutifully, X-Man checked the USPS website everyday, expecting to see that the comics were headed his way, but every day he was met with the same screen, telling him his package was still sitting at the sorting facility. One day, X-Man came home from school, and checked the USPS website and was mortified by what he discovered. His package of comic books were now considered "dead mail" and were being sent to a Mail Recovery Center! Upon learning this dread news, X-Man wrote an e-mail to the USPS and to the comic shop from where he ordered the books to begin with, wanting to know what has happened and what he should do next. The following day(October 30th)the comic book store responded and told X-Man that usually when this happened, postal officials at the Recovery Center would open the package looking for some sort of identifying feature(such as an invoice)and from there, they'd reseal the package and either deliver it or return it to the comic shop, usually the latter. The comic shop then assured X-Man that once they received the package they'd send it back out as soon as possible. On November 3rd, the USPS responded to the e-mail and said that it appeared that X-Man's package was sent to a Mail Recovery Center(which he already knew!). The e-mail then asked X-Man to provide a description of the package(which he never received)so they could forward the description to the Recovery Center. Since X-Man had never seen the package because he never got it, he responded to the e-mail as best he could, telling the USPS representative that it was a cardboard box of a few pounds that contained comic books. Since then there has been no new information. X-Man contacted the comic book shop late last week and was told that they still haven't received anything, and the e-mail he sent to the USPS last Friday still hasn't been responded to. Thanks to this situation, X-Man has been unable to read the latest issues of Action Comics, Secret Six, Teen Titans, Superman: Secret Origins, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gotham City Sirens, Dark Reign: The List, Blackest Night Titans, Avengers: The Initiative, Blackest Night Superman and REBELS. After finishing this post, X-Man intends on sending another e-mail to the USPS in the vain hope that they may have some good news for him.

What I Thought: What a lousy story! Poor X-Man75! You've got to feel sorry for the guy. It's got to really suck that he has all of these comics sitting around, but he can't read them because he doesn't have the previous issues. For example, the poor guy has Blackest Night Superman #3, but Blackest Night Superman #2 is lost at a Mail Recovery Center somewhere. Sure, he could just go ahead and read BN Superman #3 without reading #2 first, but who wants to read a story with a big hole in the middle. No, he'll probably wait until his comics finally get to him and then try to catch up. Of course X-Man is definitely tempted to just buy the missing comic books from the comic shop again so he can read the comics he has, but that would just be a crazy waste of money. No, X-Man has no other recourse but to wait...

Score: 1 out of 10(hey, the story was pretty bad!).Poor X-Man, just sitting all alone waiting for his comics to arrive...


  1. Great post, X-Man. That's what I call making the best of a bad situation. I wish I could help you get your books somehow. I say just look up spoilers for anything you missed and keep going.

  2. Thanks Kello. You know I'm taking this whole blog thing just a tad too far when I start reviewing my own life in the third person, and then only score it a 1 out of 10!

    I'm actually VERY close to doing what you're recommending actually. I just placed an order for the comics coming out Nov. 25(Blackest Night #5!!!). I figure that they should arrive at my home between Nov 27th and Nov 30th. If I still don't have my order from Oct. 8 by then, I'll probably have to resort to reading reviews on the comics I'm missing just so I'm up to date on the new stuff that I'll be getting. I hate to do that, but it's either that or wait who knows how long before finally getting my package.