Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Quick Look at Dark Wolverine #79

Writers: Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu. Pencils: Stephen Segovia.

What Happened: As per Norman Osborn's orders, Daken attacks Moses Magnum and his gang of losers in a warehouse. Norman plans on having the entire fight recorded and then sent to the media in an effort to repair Daken's poor public image. Daken attacks the losers and takes them out, until it's only him and a woman named Emmy Doolin. Daken arrogantly tells Emmy to shoot him. However, she refuses, claiming that there is no way he is the real Wolverine. This momentary distraction is all Moses needs to blast Daken into unconsciousness. Moses' gang debates killing Daken, but ultimately Emmy convinces the rest of them to make a run for it in case the rest of the Avengers are around. Before leaving, Emmy taunts the semi-conscious Daken and the villains make good their escape. Daken crawls around in his own blood for a while, which leads to Norman Osborn berating him through an earpiece he was wearing. Daken also imagines his father, Wolverine, telling Daken that it isn't as easy being Wolverine as Daken may have originally thought, which enrages Daken. The villains figure out that Osborn double crossed them, so they decide to blackmail him with surveillance footage of Osborn approaching Emmy just prior to her breaking Moses out of court last issue. The villains call Osborn and threaten to release the footage, which would surely hurt Osborn's image. Osborn tells them that if they turn themselves in, he'll have them arrested and sentenced, after which he'd have them secretly released under false names. This issue ends with the villains agreeing to Osborn's deal, and Osborn contacting Daken, telling him to capture these bozos already, and that this time he was planning on sending live television cameras to the scene, so Daken had to not only capture the villains, but he'd better look good doing it.

What I Thought: As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed this comic. I especially liked the fact that Daken suffered what could probably be considered his first major loss to Magnum and his gang, especially Emmy. I do have to wonder exactly what Osborn is thinking sending a live news crew to capture Daken's exploits, seeing as that Daken tends to have one hell of a vicious streak in him, and with his actions being filmed live, there's no room for error, if Daken messes up, or gets to violent, it's going to be a major black eye for Osborn and his Avengers. So what's Daken to do? He could royally piss Osborn off by deliberately becoming overly violent in capturing the criminals or he could play the role of good soldier(for once)and take the villains in by the books, especially with the camera crews present. With the way Daken is always playing mind games, I'm honestly not sure which way he'll go. I think he wants to prove he can play the role of Wolverine as well as his father, so I wouldn't be surprised if he took Magnum and his crew in by the books, just to prove to himself that he can. But then again, after the way Emmy taunted him after his defeat this issue, Daken might just be of the mindset to gut her, which wouldn't look very good on the 6 o'clock news. I guess that's the thing I enjoy the most about both Daken and this comic series, it's extremely difficult to figure out which way Daken is going to go. Daken's actions aren't easily guessed, he's one of the most complicated characters in comics today, and personally, I love that fact.

Score: 8 out of 10.I love the fact that when Daken hallucinates about Wolverine, Wolvie is holding a big mug of beer. How very unthreatening.

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