Saturday, August 1, 2009

A(mercifully)Quick Look at: Astonishing X-Men #25

I've finally gotten around to reading Warren Ellis' initial storyarc for the Astonishing X-Men. The storyline, "Ghost Box" is 6 parts. Well, here we go...

-The members of the Astonishing X-Men(Cyclops, Beast, Emma, Wolverine, Storm and Armor)visit a crime scene at the request of the San Fran police department. It seems some guy was murdered, but he was murdered by somebody with fire powers.

-The X-Men manage to put the corpse out, and Beast takes a blood sample, since the dead man doesn't fit the profile for one of the 198(or is it 199 now?)known mutants. Beast discovers that this guy was an artificial mutant, with an implanted X-gene.

-After reading a journal the dead man had with him, the X-Men discover that the dead man was tracking his own killer, and that the final destination for the murderer was a spacecraft graveyard located in Indonesia. This issue ends with the team deciding to pursue.

This comic was horrid. The lone saving grace was the art of Simone Bianchi, which was wonderful. However, you need more than pretty pictures to make a good comic book, and both the story and dialogue here was pretty abysmal. Besides the lousy writing, the team itself could be MUCH better. I did like Storm and Beast, but Cyclops was incredibly irritating, Emma was a bitch(as usual I guess), Wolverine was acting chipper(which is WAY out of character), and then there was Armor... Is it written somewhere that the X-Men are required to have a spunky(annoying!)teenage girl on the team at all times? Every scene with Armor made me want to throw the comic across the room. She adds nothing to the story, and for some awful reason, Warren had her constantly repeating the same unfunny lines over and over again ad nauseam! I get it, she doesn't like her codename... How the hell can't I get it when she reminds the team(and the reader!)every few panels!!! For a score, I'll give this a 3 out of 10. Do things get better next issue??? Keep reading to find out!

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