Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Quick Look at: Astonishing X-Men #26

This is the second part of the "Ghost Box" storyline. The writer is Warren Ellis.

-The team makes it to Indonesia and Emma manages to locate the man who murdered the faux mutant from last issue. The murderer appears to be in a hovering spacecraft.

-Armor tosses Wolverine into the spacecraft and Wolvie discovers the murderer trying to complete some sort of sophisticated looking box. Wolvie tells the guy to surrender, but the guy instead sets Wolvie on fire.

-The rest of the team finally arrives and Storm manages to put Wolvie out. The evil pyromaniac goes back to his strange box and sets the room ablaze in an effort to keep the X-Men at bay.

-The pyromaniac begins to power the box up with the ships batteries and Cyclops tells the team to abandon the ship and for Storm to strike the entire thing with a massive lightning bolt. Storm does as told and the ship crashes.

-The team returns to the downed ship and confront the pyromaniac who is pissed that they stopped his weird box from powering up. Before the X-Men can apprehend the pyromaniac, he blows his own head off to keep the X-Men from learning his secrets.

Eh, this issue was a tiny bit better then the last one, but the same flaws from last issue plagued this comic. The story just isn't coming together for me. It's just too vague. The X-Men find a dead body, Beast discovers that the corpse contains an artificial X-gene, the team lucks into a journal which tells them where the guy's murderer was headed, they find said guy, stop him from powering up a mysterious box and said guy kills himself while spouting some nonsense. WTF?!? Plus Armor was still in this comic. Warren has managed to make her into one of my least favorite comic book characters in recent memory. Congratulations for that I guess. This issue Armor decided to beat an unfunny joke about Wolverine being fat into the ground... Over and over and over again... For a score, I'll give this issue a 4 out of 10. Onto issue #27!

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