Friday, August 21, 2009

No new content today!

I just finished reading Adventure Comics #1 and Cap: Reborn #2, and you know what, there is no way I'm going to be able to post reviews for them tonight! Why not? Because it's late and I'm tired!

I had to head down to my college today to change my major, which led to me running all over campus because nothing can be easy! I had to get the signatures of two deans(which was a real pain in the ass!), my advisor and then return all the paperwork to the registrar's office. After that, I was off to the student accounts office to drop off my residency paperwork(which has to be re-done EVERY semester for some reason!)and finally pay off my tuition bill.

After that, I went down to the mall to get myself ready for school on Monday, and besides clothes and other school required necessities, I stopped in the local Gamestop and finally picked up a used copy of MK vs. DC. I tell you, you haven't lived until you've seen Darkseid laying on the floor screaming because he's being attacked by a swarm of bats! Between DC/MK, Civilization: Revolution(THE most addictive PS3 game I've EVER played), and the great content over at the other blogs I follow(damn, you guys always have some interesting stuff up!), I've been spending less time reading and posting here at the old blog. Tomorrow I promise to get some new content up... Probably!


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  3. Thanks for supporting the blog Robert, much obliged! It's always nice to know somebody is reading.

    I was a Computer Science Major, but after a few CS classes I came to the realization that CS is really boring! I switched over to Liberal Arts, mainly based on the recommendation of my advisor. Right now all I'm interested in is a degree, and a LA degree should open up a few doors for me upon graduation. I'm strongly considering a minor in accounting as well. I'm great with numbers and accounting doesn't seem like a very bad career choice.

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