Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Quick Look at REBELS #7

This one is written by Tony Bedard with Andy Clarke providing the artwork.

-We begin this comic with Dox trying to gather several planets together to form an alliance against Starro the Conqueror. Unfortunately for Dox most of the worlds he contacts hate him as much as they do Starro, and thus won't join up with him.

-Dox heads to Gil'dishpan and tries to convince the creatures living there to join forces with him. The creatures refuse to join up with Dox, and Dox warns them that Starro is almost certainly going to launch an attack on them due to their unique teleportational abilities.

-The creatures continue to ignore Dox advice and sure enough, Starro launches a massive invasion, intent on conquering Gil'dishpan. Dox and his REBELS try to help the creatures from Gil'dishpan, but to no avail, as Starro easily crushes all opposition with his army.

-Dox and his crew evacuate from Gil'dishpan, and before Starro can complete the assimilation of Gil'dishpan, a member of the Dominators drops a nuclear device onto Gil'dishpan, which incinerates everything on the entire planet, since the atmosphere of Gil'dishpan was full of methane. This issue ends with Dox apparently willing to strike up an alliance with the Dominator, against the wishes of his team.

This was a pretty decent comic. As with the previous 6 issues, Tony continues to establish the fact that Starro is one insanely tough foe to overcome. I actually hope the battle against Starro drags on for several more issues before Dox and his team inevitably confront the Conqueror face to (star)face. If given enough time the final confrontation between Dox and Starro could be really epic. For a score, I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10. Although not spectacular, this was still a good comic book.How does Starro know that is that creature's face?


  1. This series has a lot of acclaim, but I still associate L.E.G.I.O.N characters with the early 90's, foil covers, and streaky gray haired Hal Jordan.

    I wanted to let you know that you were my first KelloTube shout-out. Thanks for being my online comic friend, X-Man!

  2. I doubt I'd still be reading this series if not for Vril Dox. I can't get enough of his dismissive, superior attitude!

    I left you a few comments over at your blog a few hours ago after watching the awesome, and dare I say critically acclaimed Kellotube #1 and #2. As I said over at your blog, the shout-out was the highlight of my blogging career, hands down! I am honored to be counted as your best online comic friend Mr Super Kello!