Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to school!

Well, as much fun as the summer has been(and it has been fun)it's time to get serious again. Yes, that's right, school starts up tomorrow for me! Monday, Wednesday and Friday I've got to be at school early, which means my blogging is going to be curtailed just a bit on the nights before those three days. That means no more staying up until 4:00 AM talking comics :(
On the plus side, all I've got on Tuesday and Thursday is a late afternoon Spanish(UGH!!!)class, so I can catch up on all things comic related those days. Since I just popped a sleeping aid(those Unisom Sleep Melts work great!)I might as well end this post now. I'll probably check out the other blogs I follow before reading a few comics and calling it a night. Tomorrow night I should have a few new(ish)reviews up for your viewing pleasure(or displeasure). In lieu of saying something creative/funny to end this post, I'll simply say check back tomorrow, same X-Man time, same X-Man website!(I'm sorry for that, that was REALLY bad!)


  1. Good luck this semester, X-Man. Your ability to go to class and blog a ton of reviews always impressed me last year, so I know you'll still bring us the goods.

  2. Good luck with everything this semester, X-Man. As always, I am really looking forward to reading all of your upcoming reviews!

  3. Just walked in the door. Thanks for the kind words guys, I honestly appreciate them. After tackling the little bit of HW I've got for tonight, it's comic time!