Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Quick Look at Superman #690

This one is written by one of my favs, James Robinson.

-This comic begins with the big battle between Steel and Atlas in the Ironworks. Needless to say, Steel winds up on the losing side of that particular fight. After finishing of Steel, Atlas makes a call to Gen. Lane to tell him that the mission was accomplished.

-From there we learn that Guardian is making a plainclothes branch of the Science Police, and that Mon-El(in his civilian identity of Jon Kent)and Jamie Harper will be a part of it.

-Zatara gets attacked by Parasite, who wants to drain the magic out of him, but is saved by some guy named Mark Merlin, who requires Zatara's assistance in finding Prince Ra Man(whoever/whatever that is!).

-Guardian and Dr. Light get chummy at a park together.

-Ganglios meets up with Sodam Yat(obviously before his "death" in GLC)and tells Yat that he can't meet up with Mon-El. Yat explains that he was just on his way to Earth to meet with Mon, and Ganglios explains that if the two were to meet in the present, the future would be irreparably damaged. Yat agrees not to find Mon, provided Ganglios gives Mon some crystals from Daxam, that I presume operate the same way Kryptonian crystals do. Ganglios agrees to this and Yat leaves, ending this issue.

This was a very quick, but nonetheless enjoyable issue of this series. Nothing really of note happened(with the exception of Atlas beating Steel up), as most of this comic seemed solely for the purpose of setting up future storylines. I'd have liked to have seen Mon-El actually make an appearance in this comic, since he is supposed to be the lead(then again, I guess Superman is supposed to be the lead!), but it was nice to see the secondary characters get a chance to shine. For a score, I'll give this issue an 8 1/2 out of 10. Maybe I'm over-scoring this comic, but I'm in a pretty good mood tonight, so what the hell!Yes, I'm a Zatara fan! Oh, and 1,000 points to the person who can work "Stagehandery" into a conversation tomorrow!

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