Sunday, August 30, 2009

X-Factor #47

This one is written by one of the all-time greats, Peter David and pencilled by Valentine De Landro.

-We begin this issue 80 years in the future, where Dr. Falcone, the guy who leads the Sentinels, threatens the President of the United States' Secretary of Staff before leaving the White House via a big Sentinel.

-In the present, three Sentinels from the future interrupt the battle between Siryn and the Cortex-possessed Monet. Cortex figures the Sentinels will fight on his behalf against Siryn, but the Sentinels attack Monet as well as Siryn, putting a damper on Cortex's plans.

-Guido, Rictor and Shatterstar finally leave the home of a very angry John Maddox, who is sick and tired of being targeted by X-Factor's enemies.

-Back in the future, Jamie and company decide to take the ancient Dr. Doom back to their headquarters with them to protect him from any further Sentinel attacks.

-Returning to the present, as luck would have it(heh-heh), Longshot happens to bump into Cortex on a rooftop near the Sentinel battle. Cortex and Longshot fight, which leads to Monet finally freeing herself from Cortex's mental dominance. Monet makes a beeline for Cortex and prepares to smash his head in, but Cortex reveals he is actually one of Jamie's dupes(from the future), ending this issue.

Ah how I love this comic book. The twists and turns are really a joy to behold. You really never know what the hell is going to happen next in this book. As always, Peter mixes in great action, humor and storytelling like only he can. Damn can he tell a great story!

So now we discover that Cortex is apparently one of Jamie's dupes, albeit one full of futuristic technology and evil. I honestly didn't see that one coming... And you know what, I think it's a brilliant idea! I can't wait for Jamie and Cortex to come face to face with each other. Since Cortex has been altered to such a severe degree, I doubt Jamie would be able to reabsorb him like he does with most of his other dupes. The only thing this series is lacking is a re-occuring foe for the team to battle against, and I think Cortex would be the perfect foil for our heroes here. He already has a personal connection to the team(he's an evil Jamie!)and his powers make him a match for the entire team. I'm not sure what Peter has in store for Cortex, but here's hoping he sticks around past this current storyline. For a score, I'll give this comic a 9 out of 10. There really wasn't anything I can point at in this comic and say I didn't like. This was an enjoyable read, from the opening synopsis to the letter's page at the end(I wish more books had letter's pages nowadays).Behold the awesomeness of Old Doom!


  1. Completely agree. David knows how to write an interesting and always-entertaining book.

  2. I can't think of anybody who mixes funny and serious better than Peter.