Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Superman Secret Files 2009

Just so everybody knows in advance, I'm dead tired tonight, which means this review is probably going to be pretty half-assed! There, you've been warned. There are many writers and artists responsible for this comic.

-We begin with profiles on New Krypton, Superman, the Kryptonian Military Unit Red Shard, Alura and the Guilds of Krypton and General Zod, Ursa and Non.

-The first story is about Ursa, who is in a Kryptonian medical facility standing guard over the grievously injured Gen. Zod. While standing vigil, Ursa thinks back on her relationship with Gen. Zod and the day Braniac stole Kandor. Ursa was a fearless soldier leading one of the finest Kryptonian fighting units when Braniac took and subsequently bottled Kandor. The battle against Brainiac's remorseless robotic forces shook Ursa to her core and wound up making her doubt herself and her abilities as a soldier. It was Zod who helped her remember who she was, and without him she isn't sure what she would do.

-Next we have profiles on Brainiac, Superboy, Krypto, Lex Luthor, Metropolis, The Daily Planet Staff, Mon-El and Guardian.

-Story #2 details the partnership between Billi Harper(Guardian's great-niece)and Jonathan Kent(Mon-El's alter-ego). They get off to a rocky start, but eventually Billi begins to warm up to her very strange Science Police partner.

-Next up is a profile on Supergirl followed by a short story about Supergirl and Thara(Flamebird)back when they were younger. As children, the girls were practically inseparable, even though they were quite different in their belief systems, with Thara being highly religious and SG believing everything had a scientific explanation. After the death of Supergirl's father, the two girls had a falling out and no longer speak to each other.

-From there we get profiles on Nightwing and Flamebird.

-The final story is about Pete Ross, the man who became President of the United States after Lex Luthor was removed from office. Pete wanders around the Oval Office wondering exactly what his legacy will be when all is said and done. While getting ready for a press conference, Amanda Waller asks him to sign some papers. Pete tells her he doesn't have the time to read the papers, and Waller tells him she has already gone over the papers and that they are mainly small time things that just require a signature. Pete signs the papers and leaves, and we learn it was those papers that created the shadowy Project 7734.

-We end this comic with a profile on Project 7734.

I really don't think there is much for me to say here. Anybody who has read one of the DC Secret Files before knows the format, which is profiles and short stories. All the stories were well done, with the final one on Pete Ross standing out the most to me. For a score, I'll give this entire comic an 8 out of 10. With Codename: Patriot running through the Superman family of books for the next few months, it's probably a good idea to give this comic a read, especially if you haven't been following the Superman books the past few months.What the hell is up with that guy in the cape?


  1. Thanks for posting that page. That was hilarious!

  2. You're welcome Kello. The sight of that guy in the cape had me laughing too! What was he planning???