Saturday, August 8, 2009

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5(of 5)

Well, this is the last of the main "Final Crisis" books. Wow, it took 14 months for us to get to the end of Final Crisis! This mini has been stellar throughout, and has given me the return of two of my favorite DC heroes, Kid Flash and Superboy. I won't even use the tired old "will this comic be worth the long wait" line because I'm confident that this comic is going to be awesome. The writer is the comic book GOD, Geoff Johns, while the legendary George Perez provides us with the pencils.

-While Superman, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are busy battling the Time Trapper(who was revealed to be Superboy Prime last issue)at the end of time, Superboy, Kid Flash and a mess of Legionnaires from various different universes are battling Superboy Prime in the 31st century.

-After a lot of fighting, the Time Trapper tells Supes that after he is finished killing the Man of Steel, he intends on travelling through the multiverse to kill as many Legions as he can. Upon hearing this, Cosmic Boy realizes that Time Trapper can travel to other dimensions at the end of time, and Cosmic Boy decides to use that against Trapper by summoning several different Legionnaires to him to battle the Time Trapper. The legion of Legions(ha!)attack the Time Trapper enmass and manage to knock him out momentarily.

-While Trapper is unconscious, Brainiac 5 has him transported to the 31st century where he comes face to face with his younger self, Superboy Prime. Prime, being a complete moron, begins to argue with his older self, refusing to believe the Time Trapper's claims that they are one and the same. Prime attacks the Time Trapper, and the physical contact between the two of them causes them both to explode and disappear.

-While it seems the Time Trapper was erased from existence, Superboy Prime was sent back to Earth Prime(which was restored after the events of Infinite Crisis)powerless.

-From there we get a whole slew of epilogues. The Legion rebuilds their damaged planet, they look for new members, Sodam Yat, the sole surviving Green Lantern, decides to rebuild the Corps, Sunboy rejoins the Legion, and White Witch(?)becomes the ominous Black Witch.

-We also learn that the most recent Legion(the Threeboot Legion)comes from Earth Prime(!!!). The other two Legions are sent back to their proper dimensions, and Superman is sent back to the present with the resurrected Kid Flash and Superboy, and Supes brings them back to see their old Titans teammates. This issue concludes with Superboy Prime swearing revenge on all of his various enemies.

Hmmm, how do I put this... I guess I'll just come right out with it. This comic was pretty disappointing. I know, I'm shocked too! I kind of expected something more... The build up to this issue was really amazing, but this comic just fell short to me. First off, anybody who has read both Lo3W #5 and my review will realize that I left out all the stuff that had to do with the White Witch and Mordru. The reason for that is because I had NO frigging idea what the hell was going on there! I know Mordru from the Justice Society but I have no idea who the White Witch is, and that lack of knowledge definitely hurt my understanding of that entire situation. If anybody cares to explain who the White Witch is/was, I'd be happy to hear it!

I also wasn't very pleased with the revelation that the Threeboot Legion was from Earth Prime. I read the entire Threeboot Legion series and there are a lot of holes in that revelation, the biggest one being Supergirl. Supergirl joined the Threeboot Legion after the events of Infinite Crisis, meaning that somehow Supergirl travelled to the future of an alternate dimension and then managed to return to her proper home dimension??? Huh? And on top of that the Threeboot Legion remembered Superman as a hero. If Prime was from the same dimension as the Threeboot Legion wouldn't they recall Superboy as a criminal(Prime)not a hero(Superman)?

And one more thing, I just don't like the Legion that Geoff keeps using(the old one). Why the hell are they still going by the girl/boy, lad/lass names? They obviously aren't kids anymore. I can't understand why a twenty-something would still refer to himself as Cosmic Boy... Isn't it time to become Cosmic Man? That's what really bothers me with Geoff's Legion. They aren't teenagers anymore. To me the Legion is supposed to be a teenage super-team, not a bunch of weird adults still referring to themselves as children... I understand that Superman grew up, but I just don't think the Legion should have grown up as well...

Alright, enough complaining, here's some praise. The art was beautiful(as usual). If I was going to write a comic book, I'd want George to do the artwork. His art is just amazing. I can totally understand why it took George so long to do the art for this book after reading it. There were dozens of different Legionnaires depicted here! The battle against the Time Trapper at the end of time must have had at least 30 different Legionnaires(all with different costumes)present. The detail in each different Legionnaire was a thing of beauty. Although I wasn't that high on this particular issue, overall, this mini-series was fantastic. In particular issues #3 and 4 were truly amazing. For a score I'll give this issue a 7 out of 10. Like I said, this issue just didn't dazzle me like the previous ones did. I'll always hold this mini in very high regard(it brought back Kid Flash and Superboy!)though.
Superboy Prime, proving once again that he is an idiot!


  1. I read the spoilers for this series and decided to try and track it down. I still find the Legion really confusing, if you can believe it. I've never really liked any of the characters, though, so there hasn't been much motivation.

    I do like Cosmic Boy's costume for some reason though...

  2. Trust me Kello, I can believe you still find the Legion confusing! The original Legion, the reboot Legion, the Threeboot Legion, L.E.G.I.O.N., sheesh!

    I managed to read the full run of the most recent Legion comic series, the one featuring the Threeboot Legion, so that's the group I have the most knowledge on. I'm almost completely in the dark concerning the other ones though. Mark Waid wrote the first several issues of the Threeboot Legion and for the most part I really enjoyed that series.

    I know Geoff Johns is going to have a Legion back-up story in the upcoming Adventure Comics series, but unfortunately for me, I suspect the original Legion is going to be featured, not the Threeboot Legion. Wow, I sure used the word "Legion" a lot in this comment!