Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh yeah, I remember that site!

While I usually make sure to post to this blog everyday, I'm always forgetting to post something over at my picture blog(which you can get to by clicking this link). That other blog is like my red headed stepchild, it's always getting neglected! So I'm going to make a conscious effort to post 2 scans there every night for this entire week. Since I've got literally thousands of comics laying around my house, I'm going to randomly pull a comic from my collection out and scan a random page from it. I don't know what comics I'll be posting, but I guarantee I WILL post something over there all week long. Who knows, maybe you'll find the random scan so interesting you'll want to read the comic it came from for yourself, or maybe it'll start a conversation up. Anyway, if you do go over there and check things out, comments are always appreciated.


  1. Hey X-Man, I'm taking a closer look @ westfield comics now that I got paid. With sales tax and availability here it would be worth it to order a huge thing of trades/ comics and get free shipping. The trades are actually priced pretty nicely. Thanks for the info!

    And by the way, your comment on that Trigon thing in the Blue Beetle review made me laugh.

  2. Yeah, Westfield is pretty good if you're looking for trades/back issues. They don't really carry new books though(at least I don't think they do).

    Honestly though, where ever you do decide to order from, always go with the free shipping. Even if it takes you a few weeks to reach the free shipping criteria, it's well worth it.

    Glad I got a laugh out of you Kello. Hopefully you weren't laughing at how bad the review was though! :)