Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Quick(and angry)Look at Titans #16

Be warned, my least favorite writer on this or any other world, Christopher Yost is writing this comic. That means I can almost guarantee I'm going to hate this comic no matter what it's about. Don't expect a fair and balanced look at this comic, because you're not going to get it here. If you don't want to read a angry rant, then please, skip this post. Thank you. As I said earlier, the writer here is the bane of my comic book reading existence, Christopher Yost while Angel Unzueta provides the pencil work.

-Starfire heads to a psychiatrist's office at the request of her friend Donna Troy. She's bummed because her Titans friends are all drifting apart and she is still traumatized as a result of Final Crisis when she gave in to the Anti-Life Equation. We get a quick look at her life and we also discover Vixen offered Kory a spot on the Justice League, but that Kory turned her down. The shrink tells Kory that her problem is the fact that she doesn't seem to have a purpose in life besides her Titans teammates, which is something Kory can't deny.

That's about all that happened here. First off, I have to say I am SHOCKED that Yost didn't just randomly begin to kill characters off in this book! Isn't that his MO? This book wasn't as offensive as some as Yost's prior books have been to me, it was just a boring look at a boring character. I've always found Kory to be annoying and one-dimensional, and this comic didn't change my mind about her at all. For a score, I'll give this comic a 4 out of 10. Hey, a 4 is a much higher score than I expected to hand out, but I'd never recommend ANYTHING written by Yost.Hey, what's Bruce doing there?!? Oh yeah, never mind...

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