Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Quick Look at Green Arrow/Black Canary #23

This month's installment of GA/BC is written by Andrew Kreisberg with Mike Norton and Bill Sienkiewicz doing the artwork. This is one of DC's Second Feature comics, and the second story stars Black Canary and is written by Andrew with Mike and Joe Rubinstein taking care of the art.

-We begin with GA and the son of the original Big Game prowling the rooftops of Star City. Ollie is out looking for something to do since his marriage to Dinah is on the rocks, and Big Game is trying to track down his father's murderer, Cupid.

-Big Game has been killing everybody who has had the slightest contact with Cupid, from a guy she met at a gym to the guy who moved into her apartment after she left it. Ollie comes across one of the bodies and realizes that the blade marks are identical to the knife the original Big Game used.

-Ollie somehow manages to deduct that the murderer is looking to kill Cupid in retribution for Big Game's murder, so he heads down to prison to protect her. By this time, Big Game has broken into the prison and arrived at Cupid's room. This story ends with Black Canary arriving on the scene and Ollie telling her to take Cupid somewhere safe so he can take on Big Game.

-The second feature dealt with Wildcat trying to get Dinah out of the funk she's been in since she learned that she was responsible for the creation of the villainous Discord. The two have a discussion atop a building in Star City and by the end of the talk Dinah feels much better. This story ends with Dinah heading to Cupid's prison at the request of Green Arrow.

This comic really didn't do anything for me. The story in the first feature actually managed to annoy me at times! Nothing really made sense... How Ollie came to the conclusion that a new Big Game was in town and that the new villain would be heading to Cupid's prison is beyond me. Supposedly Ollie knew it was a new Big Game because of some knife wounds inflicted on a mutilated body. And on top of that, Ollie instantly knows this new Big Game would be heading right to Cupid's prison. Ollie then blows a hole in the wall of the prison psychiatrist's office and enters the prison a split second before Big Game arrives to avenge the death of his father... There are so many things wrong there! First off, how did Ollie know Cupid would be in the shrink's office and not her prison cell? Secondly, why the hell did he have to blow the wall up to enter the prison? Couldn't he have just, oh I don't know, walked in through the front gate?!? Then to top it all off, Big Game breaks into the prison and kills a whole slew of guards using only a shotgun and a big knife! Come on now, I'm not expecting a Shakespearean masterpiece here, but the story can at least make some sense, can't it? For a score, I'll give this issue a 5 out of 10. I had been enjoying the past couple of issues of this series, but this one was really pretty bad.Yeah baby, it's the greatest trick arrow of all-time, the boxing glove arrow!

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