Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Quick Look at Batman #689

It's time to take a look at the former flagship Bat-book, Batman. This issue is written by Judd Winick and pencilled by Mark Bagley.

-We begin this issue with Batman(Dick Grayson)breaking up one of Penguin's illegal gambling and prostitution casinos in a very flashy, unBatmanlike way.

-Meanwhile, Two Face seems pleased by Dick's flashy behavior and seems to be obsessing over the new, photogenic Batman. Two Face watches Dick's performance at Penguin's club, and notices a smile on Dick's face, something the Bruce Wayne Batman would never have allowed himself. The sight of a smiling Batman seems to lift Two Face's spirits as well.

-Dick and Alfred do some male bonding stuff.

-Penguin hires somebody(Black Mask?)to take care of the Batman problem, and the mystery man offers Penguin some jacked up super-soldier as well as one of Batman's rogues. Which rogue? Read on!

-Dick is speeding through the streets of Gotham in the(UGH!)new red Batmobile and he happens across a burning high-rise building. The Batmobile takes flight and Dick douses the flames with missiles containing fire-retardant foam. The folks in the building begin to evacuate and the hovering Batmobile is suddenly hit by several flying rocks. The rocks then begin to strike the weakened building. Dick turns around and finds the jacked up soldier from before and Clayface, who tells Dick that if he doesn't get out of the Batmobile, he'll bring the entire building down with everybody still in it!

I honestly don't understand the lousy response this comic has been getting from many Bat-fans. Personally, I've thoroughly enjoyed every issue since Judd Winick took over for Grant Morrison. After reading this comic I still feel "Batman" trumps "Batman and Robin" any day of the week. The story in this book is WAY easier to follow and the villains are characters I've actually heard of. I'll take Two Face and Clayface over Pyg and whatever the hell those weird dollfaced guys are in B&R! Yes, I know you fans of Batman and Robin are probably screaming obscenities at your computer screens right now, but what can I say, that's my opinion, like it or not it! For a score, I'll give this comic another solid 8 out of 10. The story has been good and I've always been a fan of Mark's artwork, plus that pain in the ass Damian didn't show up here, so this one is easy to recommend!I guess J Jonah Jameson doesn't like Batman either...


  1. You're not going to like Batman and Robin #3. I'm calling that one right now.

  2. Ha, thanks for the early heads up! I don't expect to actually have my hands on that comic for at least two weeks, but now I'm kind of intrigued! Knowing what a big fan of B&R you are, I'm guessing you did enjoy that comic, right Robert?

  3. Let's just say that Frank Quitely was, well, unleashed in this issue. And it was awesome.

  4. Cool, at least the artwork sounds good!