Sunday, August 30, 2009

How do you say, "No new reviews" in spanish?

Since I've spent my entire weekend playing "Batman: Arkham Asylum", I never got around to doing my Spanish homework... Whoops! What that means is that I won't be reading/posting about Daredevil #500 as I had been planning. I should have some kind of review for DD #500 up by late tomorrow night... Probably!

Besides that, as I said, I've been spending almost all of my free time playing "Arkham", which I can proudly admit to beating today! Yay! Big time props to story writer Paul Dini, he really did a fantastic job with the writing for this game. The story was awesome from start to finish, with the slight twist at the end highly enjoyable(I also loved the scene after the credits!). I enjoyed the story so much that I'm going to start collecting Paul's DC work("Streets of Gotham" and "Gotham City Sirens"). I beat the game on normal difficulty, and I have to say, that game kicked my ass at times! I can't wait to try it on hard. Towards the end of the game, before the final battle, Batman has to fight off 16(!)Blackgate prisoners in a very narrow hallway. Finally defeating those goons was quite the satisfying experience. After beating the game, you can go back and try to solve the 240(!!!)riddles the Riddler has hidden throughout Arkham. I've managed to find 239(!!!!!)of those damnable riddles, but for the life of me I couldn't find the last one. After school tomorrow I'll fire the game up again and continue my hunt for that final riddle.

Let's see, on the comic book front, I finished up the first part of "Invasion" last night and found myself enjoying the early portion of that storyline. It sucks to be Australia in that mini though, as the massive alien Invasion fleet chose the land down under as the beachhead for their invasion force. So far so good though. If I have some time after finishing my Spanish homework, I'll probably begin the second part of Invasion. Well, that's going to have to be it for tonight, if I don't get started on that homework now, I'm never going to get any sleep! Remember to check out the picture site(here)as I'll be posting something over there. Now, on to Spanish!

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