Monday, August 17, 2009

Blackest Night #2(of 8)

Needless to say, I've been waiting all month to read this comic book. I'm not even going to waste anymore time on the introduction, that's how badly I want to read this issue! Your writer is comic book GOD, Geoff Johns with Ivan Reis providing the pencil work.

-We begin with the Atom calling Hawkman on the phone, trying to explain why he still loves his evil dead ex-wife. Unbeknownst to Atom though, Hawkman was turned into a Black Lantern last issue and Black Lantern Hawkman invites Atom to stop by to see him.

-In Gotham City, Barbara Gordon and her father Commissioner Gordon are standing at the Bat-signal when Hal Jordan crashes down through it. Hal apologizes for the damage and takes off to help Barry Allen who is still trying to battle Black Lantern Martian Manhunter.

-Tempest and Mera(along with a contingent of Atlantians)head to the grave site of Aquaman and find it dug up. Before the confused Atlantians know what's happening, Black Lantern Aquaman attacks. BL Aquaman tears through the Atlantians as Black Lanterns Dolphin and Aquagirl team up to attack poor Tempest. The Atlantians are overwhelmed by the surprise attack and easily disposed of by BL Aquaman, while Mera and Tempest try to pool their talents against Tempest's two dead lovers. Unfortunately, the combined might of BL Dolphin and Aquagirl is two much for the Tempest and Mera to handle and Tempest winds up getting killed by BL Aquagirl, rising as Black Lantern Tempest. Realizing she has no shot at defeating the entire Atlantian royal family on her own, Mera beats a hasty retreat.

-While the Atlantians were battling, Deadman, the original Hawk(but interestingly not Dove), Pariah, and most horrifying of all, the Spectre(!!!!!)are turned into Black Lanterns.

-Finally, back in Gotham, Hal and Barry manage to work together to create a huge inferno which they figure will be enough to stop the rampaging BL Martian Manhunter. However, not only doesn't the fire halt the onslaught of BL Manhunter, Black Lanterns Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Elongated Man(and his wife Sue Dibny)and Firestorm respond to help BL Manhunter deal with Barry and Hal.

WOW!!!!!!! This was possibly THE perfect comic book! I can't use enough positive adjectives to describe the out and out awesomeness that was this comic book! In-frigging-credible... Where the hell do I even start? The Aquaman scenes were amazing, the banter between BL's Dolphin and Aquagirl was great, the Spectre becoming a Black Lantern, a Black Lantern Justice League, if I don't stop now my head might just explode! What more can I say? Geoff's story and dialogue was spot-on and Ivan's pencils were simply stunning. If you are a fan of the DCU, and you aren't enjoying this series, there might be something seriously wrong with you! I mean it, rush to a doctor immediately! For a score, this is a 10 out of 10, hands down. Hell, this is a 100 out of 10! To say I can't wait for BN #3 to come out next month is the understatement of a lifetime!I can't even find the words to voice the awesomeness of this scene!


  1. I loved this issue as well, although I'm pretty upset that the Spectre was screwed in a major story yet again.

    Oh, and what happened to the Atom. He was on the phone with Hawkman, but he wasn't with the Black Lantern JLA at the end!!

  2. Yeah, I was going to mention the Atom thing as well! I mean, he can travel through the phone lines, right? It was strange that Geoff left that particular plotline dangling.

    I can feel your pain about the Spectre. On the bright side though, maybe he'll wind up playing a big role in this series as things progress. Maybe? The two page splash where the Spectre was screaming for Hal was pretty cool though. My sister was livid about Hawkman's death last issue and I was kind of pissed that Tempest was offed so easily, but I trust that Geoff will work everything out in the end.

  3. Ha! Yeah, it sure looks that way!