Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Quick Look at Justice League of America #35

I hate to sound cruel(that's not really true!)but I'm so happy last issue was Dwayne McDuffie's final one as the writer of the Justice League. This comic book has deteriorated drastically since Dwayne replaced Brad Meltzer as the writer. The next few issues of this comic will be written by Len Wein, but he's only doing fill-in work until new scribe James Robinson takes over. With Len serving as a temporary writer, don't expect any major, Earth-shattering stories here. As I stated earlier, Len Wein is the writer while Tom Derenick and Pow Rodrix provide the pencils.

-The Royal Flush Gang breaks into a Las Vegas Casino and proceed to seal themselves up inside, along with a mess of hostages. The Gang then contacts the police and tells them that if every casino on the LV Strip doesn't pay $25 million bucks, they intend on killing the hostages one by one.

-The sad remains of the Justice League(for the record, Vixen, Firestorm, Dr. Light, Red Tornado and Plastic Man)arrive at the casino and enter. We then get a big brouhaha, with the League battling the Gang while trying to protect the hostages. Once the League gains the upper hand, the Gang causes a distraction and retreats.

-As this comic concludes, we learn that the Gang managed to steal some nano technology in the casino and that the hostages were just a diversion. We also find out that Roulette and some fat guy named Amos Fortune were betting with each other on which team would win in the casino... OOOOK...

That was kind of weird... Up until the overly complicated ending, the story was pretty good. I guess Len decided to complicate things because this story has to last another issue, but the ending revelations just seemed unnecessarily tacked on. Oh well, for a score, I'll give this comic a 6 1/2 out of 10. If not for the ending, I probably would have gone even higher.If you want some respect Plastic Man, you should get a better costume!

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