Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Quick Look at Guardians of the Galaxy #16

This is another War of Kings x-over issue and is written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Wesley Craig provides the pencils.

-Starhawk manages to transport several of the Guardians to the year 3009, in order to show them exactly what will become of the universe, since they continue to doubt her words. The Guardians get to meet the classic Guardians(which is pretty cool)and learn the universe winds up getting destroyed by something called the Fault 1000 years in the future due to Black Bolt activating the T-bomb in the past.

-All that's left of the entire universe is the solar system and to make matters even worse, the remains of the solar system are under the control of the evil Badoon.

-Speaking of the Badoon, they attack the twin Guardian teams and destroy the only remaining time machine, thereby stranding the Guardians from the past in the sucky future.

-Starhawk sacrifices her life and the Guardians manage to escape on a spaceship, but have literally nowhere to run. While avoiding the Badoon, the future Guardians reveal that the Badoon have managed to capture all the remaining Celestials and are using the energy from the Celestials to keep the universe from destroying the solar system.

-Cosmo comes up with a last ditch plan to telepathically send a warning back in time to Adam Warlock, through one of the Celestials, telling Warlock to stop Black Bolt from detonating that bomb. The Guardians invade Badoon central and fight their way to a Celestial and Cosmo sends the warning through it. Sending the warning back in time seems to destroy the few remaining Celestials, which allows the Fault to enter the Milky Way, destroying it and all of creation in the process... Whoops!

This was an alright comic book, although I will admit that some of it went WAY over my head. I'm not sure why sending a message back in time caused the Celestials to die, but it did. I'll be interested in learning how the hell the Guardians are going to come back from the universe itself dying! That is going to be pretty tough to survive! For a score, I'll give this issue a 7 out of 10. Normally I love this comic, but the War of Kings x-over stuff is really taking away from the story. Thankfully next issue is the last of the War x-over, which should lead to this series returning to its former glory.


  1. from what ive seen and read, im kinda liking jack staff, he's quite a fun character

  2. Jack Flag is one of my all-time favorite c-list Marvel heroes! You don't know how happy I was when he popped up in this series.