Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mighty Avengers #28

I'll admit that I haven't been really bowled over by Mighty since Dan Slott took over the writing chores from The Dread Lord BENDIS. Obviously, Dan's run has been better than BENDIS', but let's face it, that isn't exactly saying much. This issue promises a showdown between the Young Avengers and Loki(who is posing as the Scarlet Witch). Being a huge fan of the Young Avengers, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the issue that really begins to propel this comic forward. The plotter for this issue is Dan Slott, while Christos Gage deals with the scripting. Khoi Pham provides the pencils.

-We begin in the past with the former leader of the Inhumans, the Unspoken, watching over his group of Alpha Primitives as they concoct the Slave Engine. With the Engine almost complete, the Unspoken decides he wants to present the Engine to Black Bolt as a peace offering. Unfortunately though, Black Bolt launches Attilan into space(and onto the moon), before the Unspoken came present his peace offering, stranding the Unspoken on Earth.

-Back in the here and now, US Agent, Quicksilver and their liaison from GRAMPA check on the thoroughly defeated team of Chinese super-humans who had their collective asses handed to them last issue by the Unspoken. When the Chinese heroes come to, they mistake the Avengers as enemies and attack. Quicksilver tries to get a transmission to the Mighty Avengers base of operations, but his transmission is erased by the Scarlet Witch(Loki). Stature witnesses Loki's treachery and rushes to warn her teammates, but is unable to say anything about Scarlet Witch/Loki due to a magic spell placed on her by Loki.

-Pym's Avengers hold a meeting and Stature continuously tries to warn the team about the Scarlet Witch, but to no avail. Finally she asks for some time to herself, which Pym grants her, and she leaves with Vision while trying to come up with a way past Loki's magic spell.

-Quicksilver and US Agent barely hold there own against the Chinese hero team before the liaison from GRAMPA reminds all of the battling super-humans that they should be pooling their talents and battling the Unspoken, not each other. This leads to a very uneasy truce.

-The Young Avengers head to the former site of Avengers Mansion and meet up with Stature and Vision. However, unbeknownst to the young heroes, they were followed by Clint Barton, the super-hero formerly known as Hawkeye.

-Stature informs the Young Avengers that the Scarlet Witch has been working with the Mighty Avengers, which excites both Wiccan and Speed(the suspected sons of the real Scarlet Witch). Stature convinces Wiccan to recite a magic spell to bring the Scarlet Witch to them and Loki(who was in Asgard)is forcefully transformed into the Scarlet Witch and transported to the Young Avengers.

-Scarlet Witch/Loki becomes enraged upon being summoned by mere mortals and launches into a massive assault against the Young Avengers. However, Clint(who was watching the entire unprovoked attack)draws his swords and prepares to attack the woman he believes was responsible for killing him twice as this comic comes to an end.

I really wasn't looking forward to reading this comic because I wasn't expecting much. With that said, I was very pleasantly surprised here! The boring Unspoken stuff was kept to a minimum, while the slowly brewing animosity between Stature and Scarlet Witch/Loki has finally come to a head. Stature has been suspicious of Scarlet Witch/Loki from the start(remember, the original Scarlet Witch was responsible for the death of her father, Antman), and it was nice to finally see the two battle. Oh, and in case you didn't know, I am a HUGE fan of the hero formerly known as Hawkeye, so his appearance here was greatly appreciated. So let's see, one of my favorite teams showed up(the Young Avengers)as well as one of my all time favorite Avengers(Clint Barton). That makes scoring this comic pretty easy. For a score, I'll go with a 9 out of 10. With Clint and the Young Avengers battling Loki next issue, I can't wait for next month!Note to self, never piss off an Asgardian shapeshifter who has a tendency of masquerading as a member of the opposite sex.

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