Sunday, August 23, 2009

Only two more days!

I'm practically counting the hours until Batman: Arkham Asylum is released. Tuesday can't come soon enough! The reviews that have been coming in for this game have been very high, much higher than I actually expected. Usually comic book based video games(especially DC ones)haven't really been all that great, Marvel Ultimate Alliance was the last really good CB video game I've played. Anyway, here's a link to various video game related review sites in case you're interested in seeing what the "professionals" are saying about the Dark Knight latest foray into the world of video games.Needless to say, I've already pre-ordered a copy!


  1. Have you ever thought about how many Batman games there have been? It's kind of crazy.

    I remember the old nintendo and super nintendo games being really hard. My brother used to play Batman Returns nonstop when he was in middle school.

    The Genesis version of Batman and Robin adventures was basically impossible, and Batman Forever the video game was almost as unforgivable as the movie. No, it was as unforgivable, because it was on like 5 different platforms at the time.

    It's cool to see the game get great reviews. Most of the time comic games get the old "passable" rating from reviewers., and it doesn't really make you want to try them.

  2. Ha, yeah, I remember the first Batman game I ever played was for the original Nintendo. I don't remember much about that game other than it was HARD! Very hard!

    Back in the day I wasn't into DC Comics, so I really wasn't into many of the other Batman(or DC games)games. I grew up on X-Men and Spider-Man games. In particular, I can remember loving the X-Men game for the Genesis. Me and my best friend back in Middle School used to play that game practically every day after school. Ah memories...

    The recent DC video games I've played have been good, but not great. Justice League Heroes was fun and MK vs. DC was OK, but neither one was spectacular. Marvel tends to put more games out(mainly to tie-in to movies)but almost universally movie based games are horrible. However, the Marvel games not based on movies usually tend to shine. It looks like this may be the game that narrows the quality gap between DC and Marvel video games.