Monday, August 31, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #39

Ah, I've been looking forward to this one! As my regular readers probably know, I'm a huge fan of this series, especially since the underrated Peter Tomasi took over the writing chores several issues back. Patrick Gleason has also done a wonderful job on the artistic front, making this one of the more solid comics on the market today. Well, enough with the introductions, on with the review! Oh, and in case you didn't know, this is a Blackest Night x-over issue!

-We start things off with Kyle and Guy heading back to Oa after they were forcibly sent to Earth by the Guardians last issue. Along the way, Kyle admits to Guy that when the Star Sapphire showed him his true love, it wasn't Soranik as he originally claimed, it was actually his deceased girlfriend, Jade. Guy tells Kyle that since Soranik is alive and Jade is dead, he should forget about Jade and stick with Soranik.

-As they approach Oa, the two Lanterns run into Soranik and Iolande, who were returning from Korugar following the failed execution of Sinestro. Guy mentions the Sceincell break outs from the last few issues and the two female Lanterns act surprised, announcing that the Guardians never told them there was trouble back on Oa. Before Guy and Kyle can ponder exactly what that means, they are bombarded by a massive army of Black Rings. The 4 Lanterns try to stop the rings from reaching Oa, but the rings smash through all of the constructs the 4 Lanterns throw at them.

-Back on Daxam, Arisia is basically thrown off of the planet by the xenophobic Daximites, even though she was instrumental in driving the Mongul led Sinestro Corps off of the planet. Arisia leaves the world and heads over to Daxam's sun to say her final farewells to Sodam Yat, who sacrificed his life to re-power Daxam's sun.

-After Soranik and Iolande had left Korugar, Mongul and his version of the Sinestro Corps invaded and conquered the planet. Mongul then(Finally!)severed his ties from Sinestro, renaming his corps the Mongul Corps(how creative).

-Back near Oa, Kyle and Guy try to send a warning to Oa to tell them about the invading rings, but find their rings unable to send a transmission out. Kyle and Guy make a beeline for the Central Power Battery on Oa and scream to their fellow Lanterns to expect an invasion force. On cue, the Black rings land on Oa and head straight for the Lantern Crypt.

-Morro(the Crypt keeper)does everything he can, but proves unsuccessful in halting the Black rings as they affix themselves to the honored Lantern dead. The new Black Lanterns then head to the surface of Oa and face off against the horrified Green Lanterns. This issue ends with Black Lantern Jade attacking Kyle.

Alright, first off let me state that this was a good comic book. I enjoyed reading it. BUT(you had to know that was coming!), this issue definitely wasn't as good as the past few issues have been. This was the epitome of the proverbial set-up issue. If you read Blackest Night #1 & 2, you already knew everything that happened here. We already knew from BN #1&2 that the dead Green Lanterns become members of the Black Lantern Corps and battle their Green Lantern counterparts. Next issue should give us the much anticipated Black Lantern vs Green Lantern battle royal on the surface of Oa. That's what I was hoping to find in this issue, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

Speaking of things that didn't happen, where the hell was Scar this issue?!? Scar has been one of my favorite characters in this book in the lead up to Blackest Night, and I was hoping to get more creepy goodness from her here. Oh well, I guess there's always next issue.

Am I the only one with a sneaking suspicion that Kyle is going to be the next big name player to fall during the Blackest Night? You know somebody from this title is going to wind up falling to the Black Lanterns, and my money is on Kyle. Trust me, I hope this isn't the case, but if Kyle does die at the hands of Jade, I wouldn't be surprised. For a score, I'll give this comic a 7 1/2 out of 10. Like I said, this was a good comic, but it could have given us more than an extended recap of Blackest Night #1 and 2.Hey, you know what? Black Lantern Jade doesn't look all that bad!


  1. My money's on Guy Gardner becoming a Black Lantern.

  2. Really? Huh. I just can't see Guy becoming a Black Lantern. Guy would be a funny Black Lantern though. Kyle is so surrounded by death that I figure there's got to be dozens of BL's gunning for him. Still, I hope both of them manage to dodge the bullet here.