Friday, August 21, 2009

A Quick Look at Adventure Comics #1(or #504 if you prefer)

The writer for both the main Superboy story and the Legion Second Feature is comic book GOD, Geoff Johns. Francis Manapul covers the art for the first story while Clayton Henry takes care of the second.

-We open by learning that Superboy has completely changed from the surly teen he was prior to his "death" to a kinder, gentler Teen of Steel. He does all the chores around the farm for Ma Kent and he loves living in Smallville now.

-Over the course of this comic, SB goes about doing the types of things Superman did back when he was SB's age. Lived with the Kents, check. Went to Smallville High School, check. Joined a team of super-heroes, check. Helped folks out, check.

-Eventually SB heads to the dilapidated house Lex Luthor grew up in, and stands there, looking around. Superman walks in and inquires what SB is doing there. SB explains that he just wanted to see what it was like, stating it wasn't what he expected to find. Supes tells SB to steer clear of Lex, and SB tells Supes that he has no intentions of running into Lex any time soon.

-This story ends with SB checking off his list of Superman related accomplishments. After checking off his good acts, Superboy writes in "What would Lex Luthor do?", and puts a check mark under "Lies to Superman".

-The Legion story follows Starman as he meets up with fellow Legionnaire Tellus. Tellus tries to fix Starman's mind, but only manages to right things momentarily. From there Starman screams about watching out for the Black Witch, and this story ends with a bunch of glimpses into the future of the Legion.

Wow. I didn't like this comic at all... I'm shocked! I didn't like/get the Superboy story one bit. Nice level-headed SB is about as far from the Superboy I followed through his own series, Young Justice and the Teen Titans. SB is impulsive, hot-headed and a bit of a jerk... Or at least he was. Now SB does all his chores, loves Smallville and is sugary sweet? Huh??? I also didn't really like the idea that Superboy HAS to be Supes(and Lex Luthor?). Why does he feel obligated to follow in Supes footsteps? SB was his own character for a good 10 years. Now I'm afraid Geoff is going to transform him into Superman Jr.

The Legion story was even worse than the main one! First off, I can't stand this version of Starman... Jack Knight this bozo is not! Secondly, I've already gone on record saying that the original version of the Legion has outlived their purpose. Give me the re-boot or three-boot versions of the Legion, not the weird old version. Oh, and the second Bouncing Boy shows up I drop this title! For a score, I'll give this comic a 6 out of 10. I almost can't believe Geoff Johns was responsible for this comic. I'm sure there are plenty of people who wholeheartedly disagree with me here, so I open the floor up to those dissenters.


  1. Enter Dissenter #1.

    Okay, I admit that this issue was basically all set-up, but I enjoyed it. Superboy is about to embark on a journey all about self-discovery, and I actually think that's kind of cool. It's like he's trying to figure out his place in the world after being brought back to life. To me, that's a pretty solid premise. Oh, and Francis Manapul's artwork is absolutely stunning here.

    In addition, the co-feature was rather short, but it was also rather sweet. I love this version of Starman, and I hope he appears in the co-feature on a regular basis.

    It'll be interesting to see where this new series goes, but I certainly think it has what it takes to become one of DC's best ongoing titles. After all, like you said, Geoff Johns is nothing less than a comic book writing GOD!

  2. Ha! I bet you are the first dissenter of many Robert! First off, I totally agree with you on Francis' artwork, and I'm ashamed I didn't mention that in my post.

    My main complaint is that Superboy already HAS a place in the DCU, he doesn't need a new or re-establihed spot. SB has been around for a decade and has his own life, he doesn't need Superman's. On top of that, I've never really liked the "Superboy is half Superman and Lex Luthor" concept. I get why Geoff did it(extra story possibilities), but I've never liked it. Connecting SB to Lex in such an intimate way really blemishes SB image.

    As for the Starman stuff, we'll have to agree to disagree, because I legitimately can't stand him! I just don't like him and no arguement in the world is going to change that fact. Sorry Robert!

    Anywho, this is still Geoff's comic which means I totally expect that within a few issues I'll be loving it.

  3. X-Man, I too am going to say I liked this issue, but I HATED the old Superboy. I think seeing Kon-El realize he needs more substance shows some good character development, but the whole "lies to Superman" thing still proves he's young and part Luthor. I see a lot of potential for stories here, and kind of wish there wasn't a Legion backup. Starman or superman are the only draws for me when it comes to those characters.

    But at least the Teen Titans are getting some real characters back, right? No more of this Kid Eternity junk.

  4. Yikes, another dissenter! I'm the opposite of you when it comes to SB Kello, I liked the old version. I hate the connection to Lex Luthor. I can appreciate that Geoff wants to develop SB's character, but just because he's Superboy doesn't mean he has to turn into Superman. It bugs me that SB is trying to become Superman's mini-me. Be your own man Kon!

    As for the Legion stuff, I don't like the original Legion(I love the three-boot Legion). It irks me SO much that they're a bunch of 20-somethings still using codenames that end in boy/girl/lad/lass and acting like teenagers. That's one of those things that drives me up a wall!

    Kello, I can't agree with you any more! Kon and Bart's eventual return to the Titans is a godsend!

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