Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Quick Look at: Astonishing X-Men #29

This is the penultimate chapter of "Ghost Box". The writer is Warren Ellis.

-The X-Men compare the stories they've received from the attacking mutants, and they learn Forge has been creating artificial mutants to fight mutants who were arriving in our dimension with the intent on conquering the planet. The mutants from the other dimension were sent to gather intelligence on our Earth and then to report back home. Somewhere along the line they seem to have run afoul of Forge, who is, according to Beast, "a little crazy". Forge then took it upon himself to create an army of phony mutants to battle the invaders... This whole story is really making my head hurt!

-Thanks to one of the captured phony mutants, the X-Men learn Forge is operating out of Wundagore Mountain. The X-Men contact Forge and he allows them to land on the Mountain after acting super paranoid. This comic ends with the X-Men coming face to face with their former teammate.

This was another dull, action-less issue in this series. This entire comic was dedicating to trying to explain just what the hell was going on here. Usually when it takes an ENTIRE issue to get readers up to speed with what's happening in the story, that isn't a good sign. Jeez, I really don't like this storyline at all... For a score I'll go with a 3 out of 10. Thank god next issue is the final part to this story!

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