Monday, August 24, 2009

A Quick Look at Booster Gold #23

OK, time for the first review of the night. Booster Gold gets the honor of going first. This issue is written and pencilled by Dan Jurgens... Hmm, there really aren't a lot of guys nowadays who pull double duty and do both the art and the story. As a matter of fact, I can't think of anybody besides Dan. I must be forgetting somebody, but who???

-This issue begins with the Black Beetle reporting his success last issue(killing Dick Grayson)to his mysterious master. Beetle's master wants to actually see the now Justice League-less new world, so Beetle travels back through time so his boss can see what became of the world.

-We next head to Booster Gold, who is surrounded by the dead bodies of the Teen Titans. Raven shows up and Booster manages to convince her that he wasn't responsible for the deaths of her friends. Rip Hunter then shows up and takes Booster and Raven into the future that occurred due to Dick's death.

-Without Dick to replace Batman, the Justice League wound up falling into disrepair and Trigon(with some assistance from Black Beetle)managed to conquer the Earth, annihilating the League in the process. So long story short, the future really sucks, and Rip, Raven and Booster have to figure out a way to right things.

-The trio of heroes meet up with an anti-Trigon resistance group, which includes Zatanna and a GL ring-less Kyle Rayner. Zat and Kyle decide to take Booster and company to their headquarters when they are attacked by some of Trigon's shadow minions. Booster allows himself to get captured, mainly so the rest of his group could escape and this issue ends with Booster coming face to face with Trigon himself!

-There was also a Second Feature starring Blue Beetle, but I only flipped through it, so I can't review it.

I'm definitely enjoying this storyline. As I've stated on this blog time and time again, I'm a sucker for a well crafted alternate dimension storyline, and this issue definitely gave me exactly what I wanted. With no Teen Titans to hold him in check, Trigon's victory does make sense... To an extent. I find it hard to believe that a Justice League comprised of Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan, the Flash and others couldn't step in and do what the Titans had done, repel Trigon's invasion. Besides that, this was an enjoyable comic book, and for a score, I'll go with a 7 1/2 out of 10.If I managed to kill the Justice League and conquered the Earth, I'd find a more comfortable place to sit than on a bunch of bones...

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