Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The little post that couldn't!

This post was going to be a review for Batman #689(which I read last night)but I had a surprisingly large load of homework to deal with, which pretty much put the kibosh on posting ANY reviews tonight. Jeez, you'd think with this only being the second day of school things would start off a bit calmer, apparently not though! One thing I've learned since going back to school is that doing the scheduled homework is THE easiest way to earn an "A" grade. So sorry, but homework is always going to trump any new blog posting. Tomorrow should be way easier since Thursday and Friday are my lightest school days, so the plan is to get a review of Batman #689 up tomorrow as well as possibly Mighty Avengers #28 unless a better comic arrives in the mail. Oh before I check out tonight, Batman: Arkham Asylum shipped late last night from Amazon(which is where I pre-ordered it from). Amazon usually ships new games out of Philadelphia, which means I expect Arkham to arrive at the earliest Thursday, and no later than Friday. That right there should tell everybody exactly how I intend on spending my weekend! Before I go, I'll be posting over at the picture blog, so if you want, go ahead and check that site out.


  1. Is Mighty Avengers even worth blogging about? I only read the first arc, and I couldn't even finish it.

  2. Hahaha!!! You just put a smile on my face before shutting down tonight Kello! Mighty hasn't been nearly as good as I'd hoped it would be with Dan Slott writing. The cover to the current issue promises the Scarlet Witch battling the Young Avengers. Since I'm a huge Young Avengers fan, I'm hoping for the best here.