Monday, August 3, 2009

A Quick Look at REBELS #2

Remember last night when I said I'd post reviews for REBELS #2-6 today? I lied... Well, not on purpose, something else came up! Namely Justice Society #29, Superman #690 and Wonder Woman #34, all of which arrived in the mail today. So, I'll be concentrating on getting reviews for the new books up before I continue with the REBELS reviews. Anyway, here's the review for REBELS #2, in quickie review format! The writer is Tony Bedard.

-The bounty hunters attack the Antarctic base Dox and Supergirl were hiding in, but SG manages to spirit herself and Dox to safety.

-Meanwhile, Brainiac 5(actually a mental facsimile)warns Dox that he ceases to exist after this point in history, which is something Brainiac 5(being a decedent of Dox)doesn't want to see occur. Brainiac gives Dox access to the roster of the Legion of Super-Heroes, in the hopes that Dox can put together his own Legion type team.

-By this point the hunters have caught up to and attacked SG and Dox. Dox manages to take mental control of the most powerful hunter, a creature named Tribulus, and knocks out the other hunters, along with SG, since Dox has reasoned that SG would never allow him to leave Earth with Tribulus.

-In space, Dox bumps into the Omega Men and asks them to join his cause. When they turn him down he sics LEGION on them... HA!

-From there Dox heads to the planet Starhaven and recruits a member of a race of winged Native Americans as the second member of his team.

I enjoyed this issue a bit more than the first one, mainly because I'm becoming more familiar with the characters by now. Dox is far and away the best character in this comic. When he ratted out the Omega Men for not joining up with him, that clinched it for me. I think Dox is a character with huge upside, and I hope Tony keeps him right at the forefront of this series. For a score I'll give this issue a 7 1/2 out of 10. I'll have the next couple of issues from this series up by Thursday, I promise! Oh Dox, you so bad!


  1. Given Dox's lack of 'stagehandery,' I am surprised he snuck up on Wildstar so easily!

  2. Ha! Now I just have to figure out what Stagehandery means!