Monday, March 4, 2013

Teen Titans #17

And we've made it to my final review day of the week! (It was torture wasn't it? Hey everyone, JT here to salvage this sinking ship!) Yep, in two more days, it's another new comic day! Crazy how time flies. (When you're having fun...right? Ugh... still can't believe you said that.) Anyway, tonight I have two team books to get through, the first of which is from DC.  It's Teen Titans time!!

Teen Titans #17:

Summary: This issue gets underway with Red Robin moving the team into a new base, a massive yacht. (Big money!) Tim shows the team around before everybody splits up and does some bonding. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Tim decides to take the whole "team bonding" thing a step further and makes out with first Solstice and then Wonder Girl...  (But.... those are women.) The hell?!  But wait, it seems(with "seems" being the operative word, 'cause things get a tad confusing) that Tim is possessed/influenced/controlled by Raven, thus explaining his odd behavior. ( does that make Raven gay?)  This issue concludes with Tim looking all Joker crazy at his control center.

Thoughts: Yeah, that summary was quick and all, but I have to say, this wasn't a terrible comic! (Liar! It's by Lobdell for Grant's sake!) There were a few other little odds and ends going on here(vague half page and full page snippets setting up for future events), but what I typed out was the gist of this one.  This issue was a step in the right direction.  We've finally gotten away from the Bat-books and seem to be setting up a few Titans-only stories.  Yeah, surprisingly, no huge complaints here. (Very surprising considering how much you hate the Raven/Trigon/Evil-villain-has-evil-kid-that-turns-good-eventually dynamic.)

Score: 7 out of 10.
red robin kiss solstice teen titans #17
That's not Conner... (HA!)

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