Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marvel Now! Point One #1

Unfortunately I wasn't able to do a review last night, so here's the first review of the week now.  Or maybe I should say Now!  Get it??

Marvel Now! Point One #1

Summary: For this comic, I'll do a quick review of each mini-story, starting....... Now!
-First up we get an origin story for Peter Quill, Star-Lord.  He's a kid, some aliens attack and kill his mother, who apparently had Peter with a rival alien race.  The aliens go to kill Peter, but he kills them with a rifle, before finding a fancy space gun in his mom's closet.  With that, he escapes his house before the dead alien's spaceship blows Peter's house up.
-Nova is still flying high(pun intended) after being invited to join Avengers, but runs into longtime Nova villain, Diamondhead.  We learn during the battle that this Nova is apparently not the Nova we know(Richard Rider), and that it seems the Nova Corps is also no more(making this Nova Kyle Rayner then?).  In the end, new Nova manages to defeat Diamondback before heading off again.
-Next up it's Loki meeting with Miss America(from Earth-212) to gripe about Wiccan, who Loki wants gone.  Miss America doesn't like the way Loki is talking and knocks him around a bit before leaving, but not before telling him she'd be keeping an eye on him and Wiccan, which is apparently exactly what Loki wanted.
-Scott Lang(Ant-Man) is still hurting about his daughter(Stature) having been killed at the hands of Dr. Doom.  Since he had no way of getting direct revenge on Doom(yet...), he messes up a Latverian art gallery.
-Forge is crazy.  However, thanks to Cable, Forge manages to fix his own mind, at which time Cable asks Forge to work with him.
-Tying all of these stories together is a man from the future, who has been telling these stories to Nick Fury(the new one).  He then mentions a word(Kobik) and possesses a mess of SHIELD agents, who come in, guns firing.  Eventually Agent Coulson kills the agent the man from the future had jumped in to, ending his bizarre threat.  From there, Maria Hill tells Fury and Coulson it was time to talk about the Avengers Initiative.

Thoughts: Honestly, I'm kind of interested in all of the comics mentioned here, even the one I was sure I wouldn't want(FF)!  Nothing mind blowing here, this wasn't a necessary read in any way, it was an okay comic about a few upcoming comics.  If you're curious about Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Secret Avengers, Young Avengers, Cable and X-Force or FF, this may be worth a pick up.  Nothing more to say here.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
marvel now point one #1
This is probably the series I'm most looking forward to out of all the Marvel Now! books.


  1. Saw that one coming from a mile away.
    Billy's the only one in the family who hasn't had a stint where he's "bad". Even Speed has shown some tendencies, with juvie and the whole "its okay to blow up skrulls cause they can grow back thing". Haha
    I loved Loki's flier for the new Young Avengers.

    Im a bit confused about the Scott story though. Is he getting his own limited series or something? Or is this supposed to be the teaser for the new FF comics?

    1. I think it is a teaser for the new FF comic. I found it surprising because at first look I could care less to read it. But after seeing Scott's short story I am intrigued as well.

  2. I'm obviously excited about "Guardians of the Galaxy," but I wonder if it's going to be a modern Peter Quill or a prequel Peter Quill. Obviously, if it's a modern Peter Quill, you have to hope that Rich is also alive. I can't say that I'm all that excited about the new Nova, but I'll read it just in the hope that it gives us some more clues about Rich. The only comic that I probably wouldn't have gotten if I didn't read this issue was "Cable and X-Force." You liked 'Avengers: X-Sanction," right, X? I should probably get my hands on the TPB since it seems like some serious stuff happened there.