Saturday, October 6, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #695

We begin the march to issue #700, the final issue of this series...  You know, until the inevitable Amazing Spider-Man #1, probably due out come January.  But that's down the road, let's see what kind of awesome Dan Slott has for us this issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #695

Summary: This issue gets started with Hobgoblin and Kingpin's Hand ninjas attacking some members of the Goblin Cult, who have a suitcase Kingpin is keen on getting.  Spidey joins the battle, and Stone, the turncoat from Horizon Labs, activates his anti-Spider-Sense device, which actually enhances Spidey's Spider-Sense.  Once Hobby sees which way the wind is blowing, he gets out of town, leaving Spidey, and the suitcase, behind.  Meanwhile, Madame Web apparently sees a vision of her own death coming really soon.  Spidey drops the suitcase off at Horizon and switches to his Peter Parker identity, at which time he finds Sally Floyd interviewing Horizon head honcho, Max Modell.  It turns out some of the blabbermouths at Horizon had let it slip that Peter had been Spidey's tech guy, and that she intended on reporting it...  Unless Spidey could convince Robbie Robertson not to run the story.  Long story short, Robbie had already posted the story to the Daily Bugle's online site.  And then things get worse for Spidey, as Stone activates his Spider-Sense machine again, which causes Peter to sense trouble everywhere, in the middle of the Daily Bugle office.  Also in that office?  Phil Urich, you know, the Hobgoblin.  And then Madame Web sends her astral projection into the Daily Bugle offices to warn Spider-Man that some trouble was right behind him.  Peter decides to get the hell out of there before anything else happens, and has great difficulty walking down the sidewalk since he was sensing danger everywhere.  Once Peter leaves, Phil switches to his Hobby attire and this issue ends with him drugging Peter and kidnapping him.

Thoughts: Okay, I don't think for a second that Hobby believes that Peter is Spider-Man.  So let me just put that out there right off the bat.  Instead, I figure he kidnapped Peter due to that report that said he was Spidey's tech guy.  What better way to get into Spidey's head than to kidnap Spidey's tech guy.  Not only that, but Hobby can take Peter to Kingpin, who can then force Peter to perfect the Spider-Sense dampening device Kingpin had Stone working on.  It all makes so damn much sense!  There was also some stuff with the presumed to be dead former Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, returning to Manhattan to take back his mantle from Phil.  All in all, great stuff here, as usual.  I can't wait to see what Dan Slott has in store for Spidey(and us!) as the march to #700 continues.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.
amazing spider-man #695
Oh that wacky Peter...


  1. Couldn't agree more about Hobgoblin. At first read, I thought he might've known about Peter, but after thinking about it it's kinda obvious he's just trying to steal Spidey's tech guy, to show off to Kingpin and make Stone look bad in the process, plus he thinks he's handicapping Spidey. I can't wait to see how crazy Pete's Spider sense goes around Kingpin though.

    1. I didn't even think about Spidey/Kingpin. Not only that, but what about Spidey/Hobby? You'll have to think that his spider-sense will be CRAZY around those two! I mean if he was being alerted to some dude who ate a burrito, imagine a guy who has weapons all over him!