Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Comic Day! September 26th Edition.

Hey guys and gals, it's that time once again for New Comic Day! JT here, and since I'm kicking things off with the first review of the week, I figured I'd start off by letting you guys know what I'm picking up. For this week's comics, I'm grabbing Aquaman #0, Invincible #95, Amazing Spider-Man #694, Captain Marvel 4 and Deadpool #61. The JT review days are Thursdsay, Saturday and Tuesday and you can expect yours truly to review Amazing Spider-Man #694, Invincible #95 and Deadpool #61. And with my small haul of comics taken care of, let's see what my buddy X has planned to review this week. Tell em, X-Mayne.

5 books, JT?!  For shame!  Unlike that loser, JT, Ol' X ended up with a few more comics this week...  And when I say a few, I actually mean A LOT!!!  Here's what I snagged...  American Vampire #31, I, Vampire #0, Justice League Dark #0, National Comics: Rose and Thorn #1, Teen Titans #0, Voodoo #0, Invincible #95, Amazing Spider-Man #694, Captain America and Black Widow #637, Deadpool #61, Invincible Iron Man #525, Journey Into Mystery #644, Secret Avengers #31, Space Punisher #3, Ultimates #16, Winter Soldier #11, Wolverine #313 & X-Men Legacy #274...  Yes X-Maniacs, I picked up 18 comics this week...  Since that snake JT took two of the books I was really looking forward to reading(Spidey and Deadpool!), I'm stuck reviewing Ultimates #16, Winter Soldier #11, and yes, Teen Titans #0...  Which should be terrible.  There ya go, until later, X out.


  1. This is what i would be reading in the week

    All-Star Western #0
    Batman Incorporated #0
    I Vampire #0
    Justice League Dark #0
    National Comics Rose And Thorn #1
    Superman #0
    Teen Titans#0
    American Vampire #31
    Journey Into Mystery #644
    Punisher #16

    And Looking at that list I'm not realy looking forward to any of them Except for Punisher wich is the Final Issue of Rucka's fantastic run (He will come back for a 5 mini with Frank Castle against the Avengers that I think will be Awesome) American Vampire and Journey Into Mistery.

    All Star Western, I Vampire Justice League Dark and Batman Inc. are strong books too but looking what happened in Zero isisues until now I'm not that interested in the concep anymore.

    And remenbering you X picked the past issues of National Comics Did you enjoy them? I think that Kid Eternity was really good Hope Lemire can writte Him more
    Maybe a Back Up in Justice League Dark? or make him part of the team?

    Have a nice reading averyone!

  2. Wow, Alien, you're really picking up a lot of those DC Zero issues. Hopefully this group is better than the last group! I have to remember to add that Punisher's War Zone at the comic shop next week... That mini looks interesting.

    I loved the Eternity one. That one was great. the Looker one was okay, but it definitely wasn't as good as the Eternity one. There's no reason that Eternity character couldn't pop up in JLD or DC Presents.

  3. Is neither of you reviewing Hit-Girl 3?

  4. I didn't care for Kick Ass 2, and I hated the way it ended just to spin off for Hit-Girl, so I didn't read Hit-Girl.

    1. Hit-Girl happens before Kick-Ass 2

    2. I wouldn't know since I skipped it, but the way Kick Ass 2 ended was clearly setting up a Hit-Girl series, and personally I didn't like that because it wasn't a real ending for Kick-Ass, as much as a transitional series.

  5. We have to talk about Teen Titans...

  6. I was going to post that Teen Titans post on Sunday, but after seeing that comment, I've decided to bump it up to tonight at 8 and push Ultimates back to Sunday... So that Teen Titans issue should be up later on tonight.

  7. This last week was better for me talking of zero issues, JL Dark and I vampire were good and be damned Superman by Lobdel was good too ( a good look into new52 Kripton) the exception would be for Teen Titans but I wasn't expecting anything of that one anyway.

    Yup,I think National Comics in coming strong quality wise (Altought I agree that Looker wasn't that great, just good) the only problem is the one shot formet let me wanting for more, I liked the Rse and Thorn but at the end a felt like WTF this is just the beggining when I'm going to see how the story ends?