Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Comic Day! September 12th edition.

What time is it?! It's CLOBBERING TIME! And that just happens to be on New Comic Book Day! Per the new format, I'm gonna post what I'll be picking up this week as well as what I plan on reviewing, and under that, my co-host and good buddy X-Man75 will let you guys know what HE picked up and plans on reviewing. So let's get to it.

This week I'm picking up the following comics; Batman #0, Batman and Robin #0, Suicide Squad #0, Team 7 #0, Avengers vs. X-Men #11, Avenging Spider-Man #12, and Scarlet Spider #9! The three comics I plan on reviewing this week are Avenging Spider-Man #12 (Spidey and Deadpool BABY!), Batman and Robin #0 and Avengers vs. X-Men #11. So you guys can expect those on Thursday, Saturday and Monday, with X taking up the other days, so let's see what the other half of the Blogger Tagteam Champions of the Wooooorld ended up picking up. Until next time, JT out! (Yeah, I stole your line. Bwahaha)

Thieving, line-stealing bastard...  And who actually calls me "X-Man75" anymore?!  Anyway, happy New Comic Day all, tis X here, doing his quick pop in for this week's NCD post.  While JT is picking up a paltry 7 comic books, ol' X is snagging a whole lot more!  How many more you ask?  Let's see...  American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #4, Batman #0, Batman and Robin #0, Grifter #0, Superboy #0, Team 7 #0, Avengers vs X-Men #11, Avengers Assemble #7, Avenging Spider-Man #12, Captain America #17, Captain America and Black Widow #636, Journey Into Mystery #643, Scarlet Spider #9, Ultimate X-Men #16, Uncanny X-Force #31, Winter Soldier #10 & X-Men Legacy #273.  So yeah, that would be 17 comics for me...  That's a lot of new books!  The three books I'll be reviewing this week will be Avengers Assemble #7, Winter Soldier #10, and just for the hell of it, Team 7 #0.  Could those plans change?  Sure.  But for now, expect those reviews on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday.  And that's it for me.  Until next time, X out! (That's how you do it!)


  1. Heh, I never get tired of the intros =D One thing that helps make this my favorite comic blog is that I can enjoy any post. Even if it's something I don't read and probably won't read like American Vampire (Sorry, but I don't like vampires or anything about vampires except for Records of a Fallen Vampire) I'll still enjoy it because of the writing. Keep up to great work guys!

  2. hey x-man glad your back! :)
    what do you think of uncanny x-force sense you left?
    would have loved to see your reaction to the daken reveal

    saw that you are picking up all of marvel now, good good :) im SOOOO looking foward to Arron and ribic on thor.

    also today they revealed a new thunderbolts series
    to be lead by The Red hulk, with the punisher, deadpool (of course....his very existance requires him to be evreywhere) Flash as Venom and Elektra

    however........... i have to give this a HARD thumbs down as steve dillion is on art and i hate him on a rob liefeild level.

    what do you think of this series?

    1. I am not a fan of his artwork either. I didn't mind it in Punisher Max but when it started showing up in the mainstream universe it really took me out of the comic. I think that Incredible Hulk issue really threw me off. They all look like they need to get some sleep so they can get rid of those bags under their eyes.

      Still, this series looks interesting.

  3. ...Nice NCBD!! Hey these are my comics for this week

    Batman #0
    Batman And Robin #0
    Demon Knights #0
    Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #0
    Resurrection Man #0 (Final Issue)
    Journey Into Mystery #643
    Uncanny X-Force #31

    Is charged whit a lot of DC's 0# but I'm looking forward to all of them... And I would like to see your toughts about Batman 0# it is still continuity confusing But was a great issue plus there is a glimpse to Jason Todd origin and what can I say FUCK continuity I just want to read good stories so I gave up triyng to understand DC's continuity I would keep one of my own...

    a.. by the way.. what about that Death everybody is talking about?? it is for real??

    1. It's as real as they need it to be until they need him back, I mean how many times has he already died? Like a million right?

      I read some of the 0 issues and while I did kind of like them they may be some of the most lazily drawn and written comics DC has put out yet,I mean those last few pages of Batman&Robin where straight out word-for-word what happened in the issue where Damien was first introduced.

    2. yup that Batman and Robin just miss the oportunity at least with long therm readers.. maybe it is an OK comic for someone who doesn't know who is Damian...

      And for Batman I think the Backup made it for me cuz the main feature had an abrupt end..

      And for that death I'm almost sure it not going to last

  4. I call you that, ya jerk! And I completely agree with Anon and Alien on that Batman and Robin, but I'll mention that in my review.

  5. All is right in the world. X Man and JT are back!! Blog Dynamic Duo!! This will be the Bruce and Jason Todd team up! lol.

    Looking forward to some good reviews!! It's been a while but I'mmmmm baaaack!!!!

  6. "Looking forward to some good reviews!!" Then you've come to the wrong place, Lisha! :D Especially with JT writing here! :D Seriously though, it's nice getting back into things. It had been too long. And with JT shouldering half the burden, that makes it even better!

  7. I miss you X!! Glad to see you're back although JT has been doing a great job in your absence. You guys are so awesome together!!! And no JT didn't hire me to say this lol. ^_^

  8. It's always great to hear from you, Lisha! And agreed. JT on his own? Great. But JT and X together!? Umm, a little bit less than great. :P