Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wolverine and Jubilee #1(of 4)

Review: The X-Men have figured the best way to deal with Jubilee's vampirism was to inject her with Wolverine's healing factor powered blood. Somehow this act is managing to counter the aggressive nature of Jubilee's vampire side. However, Jubilee is still slamming herself into the Plexiglas room she was locked in, leading the X-Men to believe that Wolvie's blood wasn't working. Wolvie disagrees and goes to talk to Jubilee, discovering that she was basically just angry about being locked up, not vampire angry, but Jubilee angry. Wolvie tells the X-Men to let Jubilee out of her cell, which although they are hesitant, they agree to do. Jubilee move into a normal bedroom and seems listless, so Wolvie tells her to go exercise or something to get her mind off of her troubles. Jubilee heads to the gym where she is pestered by Rockslide and threatened by Armor. Wolvie angrily comes over and tells Armor to get lost, while telling Jubilee that Emma Frost wanted to see her. Emma tells Jubilee that the X-Men were willing to help her however she wanted, but Jubilee is unsure what she wants right now. Jubilee also feels that everybody on Crazy Mutie Island(Utopia)hates her, so Emma disproves that by bringing Pixie in to hang out with Jubilee. Pixie keeps trying to cheer Jubilee up, but only manages to get her angrier, leading to Jubilee leaving Crazy Mutie Island and heading to a bar in San Fransisco. While at the bar, Jubilee runs into another vampire, who convinces Jubilee to come with her. With Jubilee gone for a while, Wolverine(and Rockslide for some reason)go out to search for Jubilee and find her locked in a shipping crate full of dead bodies. Jubilee swears that she didn't kill the people in the crate(even though she was covered in their blood), so Wolvie takes away a necklace that Jubilee was given by the mysterious vampire from earlier, and drugs her, deciding he'd deal with Jubilee his way, not the X-Men's way.

Thoughts: I personally would have enjoyed this issue WAY more if it actually focused more on Wolvie and Jubilee's relationship, as opposed to Jubilee's relationship with everybody else. I don't care what Armor thinks of Jubilee, hell, I don't even like Armor! I brought this comic because I've always enjoyed Wolvie and Jubilee's relationship. So this issue itself didn't do it for me. With that said, I'm expecting the next issue to take this mini to the next level, since it looks like Wolvie will be taking Jubilee away from Crazy Mutie Island and helping her deal with her problems personally. That's what I was hoping from this issue, but better late than never I guess...

Score: 6 out of 10."Hey good looking, can I buy you a dri... Oookay, never mind!"


  1. I see we differ, but I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I still stand by my review, though I'll admit that you made some points that changed my mind on a couple things. You're right that there's not really much time spent on her relationship with Logan. That's something I didn't really seem to notice the first time around, probably because I had low expectations going in (I'm not gonna lie. It was mostly the whole vampire thing though). I did like the interactions at the beginning, and I was still happy with this issue because I thought it set everything in place and there's potential for a very good story here.

  2. Yeah, I loved the beginning scene between Wolvie and Jubes, but from there, they kind of seperated, which was kind of disappointing to me. But like you pointed out, this issue seems to have set the stage for what could be a very good rest of the mini-series, since it appears that Wolvie will be taking Jubes off to try to help her in his own way. I'm definitely cautiously optimistic about the next issue, although I'm still not 100% sold on Katheryn Immonen's writing skills after her Runaways run. Here's hoping she proves me wrong!