Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Review: We get the awesomeness started with Vril Dox having dinner with the queen of the Tamarans, Blackfire. The two discuss how well the Tamaran's move to Rann has been, as well as some other pleasantries. While that is going on, Lobo runs into Captain Comet at a Rannian bar. Comet is depressed that his relationship with Starfire is strictly sexual, since he was hoping for something more substantial. Lobo picks up on those vibes and tries to start a fight with Comet, but Comet simply leaves. Now alone, Lobo picks up the scent of a fellow Czarnian, which infuriates him, since he massacred the rest of his race. Lobo spots a hooded figure sitting in the corner and charges, but the hooded figure takes off, with Lobo in murderous pursuit. By this point Dox has left Blackfire and is returning to LEGION headquarters, rather pleased with the way things turned out with Blackfire. Back with Lobo, he manages to catch up to the “Czarnian” and discovers that it's a female. Instead of killing her, Lobo decides to make out with her, but has his strength sapped and winds up falling unconscious to the ground. From there we learn that the “Czarnian” was actually Starro's lieutenant, Storm-Daughter, who had been wearing a Czarnian pheromone which is what tricked Lobo. Starro himself enters the room and Storm-Daughter sends the strength she sapped from Lobo over to Starro, who uses it to create new Starro starfish. With Lobo temporarily taken care of, Starro begins the second phase of his plan and sends his other lieutenant, Smite, to attack Dox's ship, which ends this issue.

Thoughts: I do loves me some REBELS! This was a great set-up issue, as we learn that Starro is finally ready to take his revenge on Dox, and has already taken out one of Dox's big guns in Lobo. There were some good little character development scenes with Capt. Comet's pity party, and Dox possibly becoming romantically interested in Starfire's sister, Blackfire. THAT could have some crazy repercussions if anything was to develop there. As for complaints? It's REBELS, I don't have any!

Score: 9 out of 10.Reason #316 as to why you should be buying REBELS; Lobo is AWESOME in it!

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