Monday, May 11, 2009

What new comic reviews???

This week is going to be pretty busy for me, what with school winding down for the summer and all, so I really doubt I'll be posting any new comic reviews until at least Friday. To make up for my neglect, I'll be posting some random pics every night along with the Batman spotlight.
I'd say that the above pic proves once and for all that Black Adam=AWESOME!


  1. Oh Black Adam, you should wear gloves, a surgical mask, and goggles when you do that kind of thing...

    I mean really, I know he's invulnerable but what if Psycho-Pirate had some kind of Pan-Cosmic-Syphillus? Just saying...

  2. The fact that Black Adam ISN'T wearing any kind of protection just adds to his coolness factor though! To be honest, I'd have to say it's a given that Psycho-Pirate was chock full of all kinds of exotic diseases. By driving his fingers through Pirate's head Three Stooges style, Black Adam was preventing Pirate from spreading any of those diseases. That Black Adam, what a humanitarian!