Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vigilante #5

This is the second part of the Vigilante, Teen Titans, Titans crossover, "Deathtrap".

-We open with Jericho still up to no good and plotting some kind of nefarious scheme.

-The Titans attack Vigilante after he attacked Cyborg, who Vigilante mistakenly thought was still under the influence of Jericho. Ultimately the Titans apprehend Vigilante, but he escapes after he distracts the Titans by blowing up some cameras that he planted around the Titans Headquarters.

-Before the Titans can find Vigilante they receive an emergency call from the police to help stop some criminals with high tech weaponry.

-The criminals were sent by Jericho for the purpose of bringing the Titans to his location so he could blow them up. Jericho detonates a bomb near the Titans, but they manage to escape any serious injury.

-In the meantime, Vigilante discovers Jericho arguing with Deathstroke, not the real one, but a figment of Jericho's imagination. Vigilante attacks Jericho, but almost gets himself killed in the process.

-After dealing with Vigilante, Jericho calls the Teen Titans who were heading to New York to meet with the older Titans. When the Teen Titans answer the phone, they give Jericho access to their airplane, which Jericho uses to attack the Titans.

I really didn't care much for this comic. There was just too much stupid stuff going on here. For example, how do the Titans allow Vigilante to walk out of their headquarters, practically right under their collective noses? That was pretty sad. The Titans hear some explosions, turn their backs for a second and Vigilante is gone? How long have the Titans been heroes? Shouldn't they have been paying a bit more attention to their captive? I guess not.

Besides that, Jericho calling the Teen Titans and sending a computer virus to them was also a bit too convenient for my taste. First off, since when did Jericho become an expert in computer viruses? Secondly, how did he know the Teen Titans were in New York when he called them? And finally, what kind of computer virus would allow Jericho to send the Teen Titans plane after the Titans without Jericho actually being anywhere near a computer?

So far, this crossover has been VERY underwhelming. I'm still waiting for Deathstroke and Ravager to show up, because I'm just not buying Jericho as the main antagonist for this storyline. I just can't buy Jericho as a mega-villain. For a score, I'll give this comic a 5 out of 10. Hopefully, the next part of this story will bring Deathstroke into the fray, because he is sorely needed here!

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