Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally, a picture blog!

As the title of this post astutely points out, I have finally gotten around to creating a blog dedicated to the many comic book scans I've collected over the years. I decided to go with a relatively boring name for the new blog, figuring that a simple/descriptive blog name might help draw extra attention/visitors to the site. You can get to the new site through the link on the main page, or by clicking the link here: http://uncannycomicbookscans.blogspot.com/.

Now that I have the other site up and running, this blog will handle my comic book reviews and whatever other insanity I feel like blogging about, while the new blog will only have pictures. Hopefully I can get a couple of people to follow the new site, and before you know it I'll become some kind of diabolical media mogul! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!

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