Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little help please.

After tomorrow, I'm done with school until the end of August. With that said, I'm thinking about starting up another blog, one dedicated solely to scans from the various comics I have. The biggest stumbling block for creating a new blog(for me anyway)is choosing a blog title... As evident by the VERY uncreative name of this blog, I suck at choosing names for things. So, I'm hoping that anybody who reads this post can give me some ideas for a blog title. If no ideas come in, I'll probably name the new blog something totally uncreative like "X-Man's Picture Blog" or "X-Man's Comic Book Scans". Well, I'll probably be a little bit more creative than that, but you get the picture!


  1. Here's a few unused titles I had kicking around on my PDA:

    Toasted Beagles
    Modular Design
    Hey Handsome!
    Manual Tracking
    Not Almost Enough
    Fast Familiarity
    Grind Bit Dream Journal
    Your Corroding Character
    Life Is Eating Me Alive

  2. The many illustrating laughing panels I have enjoyed throughout a cosmos of boredom?

  3. All right, some ideas! Most likely over the weekend I'll seriously mull over a blog title. If I'm not feeling too lazy, I hope to have the new blog started by sometime next week... Hopefully!