Friday, May 29, 2009

Green Arrow and Black Canary #20

It's time for another issue of Green Arrow and Black Canary written by Andrew Kreisberg. I really don't have high hopes for this comic, so I'll just head straight into the review.

-This issue begins with Dinah and Ollie deciding to go to a marriage councilor, since Dinah feels they aren't communicating properly with each other. The two argue nonstop before the councilor takes control and begins to ask questions about Ollie and Dinah's parents. Ollie states he has no problems with his folks, but Dinah clams up and decides she wants to leave, which pisses Ollie off, since it was Dinah's idea to go in the first place.

-Dinah has a flashback concerning the first time she used her Canary Cry and injured some guy in high school... I really don't know why the flashback was included, but it was.

-After the flashback sequence, Ollie and Dinah resume arguing in the councilors office. Suddenly, in the middle of the argument, Ollie, Dinah and the councilor lose the ability to hear. After looking out the window, the two heroes realize that apparently all of Star City is suffering from sudden deafness. The sudden deafness causes the citizens of Star City to riot, so Ollie and Dinah go outside in an attempt to halt the violence.

-After splitting up, Ollie runs into Cupid who wants to help Ollie, and Dinah narrowly avoids getting hit by an out of control truck. This issue ends with the guy Dinah accidentally made deaf with her Canary Cry a few issues back standing triumphantly on a rooftop watching the carnage below while quoting Shakespeare.

Well, that was different... I guess the people of Star City will riot at the drop of a hat. If I suddenly went deaf, I kind of doubt my first reaction would be to riot... I have to say that I really don't have all that much to say about this comic book. It was OK. Forgettable but OK. For the record, this issue was pretty similar to an issue of Solo Avengers, where Hawkeye and Mockingbird went to see a marriage councilor with similar results(well, without the sudden deafness). For a score I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10. This is one of those rare occasions where I really don't have strong feelings for or against a comic book...

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