Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #13

Alright, it's a new issue of one of my favorite comics, GotG! This issue appears to be a "War of Kings" crossover, and since I can't wait to read this comic, I'm going to end the introduction right there!

-This issue begins with the return of Adam Warlock and Gamora to the GotG. Warlock explains to the team that the Shi'ar and Kree have gone to war and that if the war was to continue, the entire universe might collapse, since the universe is still damaged from the Annihilation wave.

-Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon decide to split the team in two and try to talk some sense into Black Bolt of the Kree and Vulcan of the Shi'ar.

-Star-Lord and his team head to Hala and ask Black Bolt to stop fighting with the Shi'ar, explaining the dire consequences if the war was to continue. Black Bolt and Medusa tell Star-Lord that they won't stop fighting the Shi'ar, leaving Star-Lord at a loss as to what to do next, since he thought the Inhumans would respond to reason.

-Rocket on the other hand has to deal with the results of a Shi'ar Nega-bomb that utterly destroyed a Kree planet and ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe. Warlock uses his magic to plug the hole, and the team tries to teleport onto Vulcan's starship, but can't due to the Shi'ar teleport-shielding their spacecraft.

-Warlock does manage to get onto Vulcan's ship since he uses magic to teleport, but he is immediately attacked by crazy Emperor Vulcan.

-The rest of Rocket's team gets picked up by the Starjammers, who were trying to rescue Lilandra(the former empress of the Shi'ar), who was captured by Vulcan's forces. The issue ends with Havok of the Starjammers asking Rocket to assist him in overthrowing his insane brother, Vulcan.

This comic was extremely satisfying. It fit into the "War of Kings" crossover beautifully, and has me salivating in anticipation for War of Kings #3. Honestly, out of all the comics I read from both Marvel and DC, I think GotG is my favorite team book. The team in this book is perfect mix of professionalism and dysfunction.

Next month should have Star-Lord having to decide what to do about Black Bolt's refusal to halt hostilities, Rocket deciding whether or not to assist Havok, and most importantly, Adam Warlock, arguably the most powerful member of the Guardians battling Vulcan, arguably the most powerful mutant in the universe! That alone is well worth the price of the next issue. For a score, I'll give this comic an 8 1/2 out of 10. I will be eagerly anticipating War #3 as well as Guardians # 14 later this month.

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