Friday, May 8, 2009

Superman #687

My subscription with DC has finally kicked in, which means I should be getting my hands on newer DC books in a much more timely fashion. Green Lantern came yesterday and today I received this issue of Superman as well as the most recent Wonder Woman. God how I love receiving comics through the mail! Anyway, here's a review for Supes #687.

-We begin this issue with the Science Police fighting some chump in Metropolis called Shrapnel. Mon-El, in his secret identity of Jonathan Kent of the SP, has to sneak away to change from his SP outfit into his Mon-El one. Once Mon-El arrives on the scene, it's pretty much lights out for Shrapnel.

-Afterwards, the field commander of the SP, Guardian, takes Mon aside and explains that they will have to figure out something to make sure none of the other members of the SP realize that Jonathan Kent and Mon-El are one and the same. Yeah, I would kind of expect that a bunch of cops would be able to figure out the fact that everytime Jonathan dissapears Mon pops up.

-Both General Lane and the Parasite spot Mon-El leaving the scene of the fight and upon hearing from some of his support staff that Mon is neither Kryptonian or human, Gen. Lane declares that he wants Mon brought to him.

-Jimmy Olson meets with Zatara(!)and asks if Zat can identify whether a blast that struck both Supergirl and Krypto a while back was magical in nature. Zat confirms this fact after looking at some pictures and that scene ends with the Parasite sneaking up behind the two of them thinking that magic may be the answer(to what, I don't know!).

-Guardian calls a couple of SP officers into his office to ask them to take part in a special mission to free someone/thing. Of course Mon(as Jonathan)is in on that meeting, and presumably he'll wind up accepting whatever Guardian's clandestine mission is.

-Finally this issue comes to an end with Mon suddenly losing his powers while flying high over Metropolis. Will Mon survive??? Will he become street pizza??? Find out next month, same bat-time, same bat-blog! Oh wait, wrong character... Sorry!

I've already confessed my love for the writing of James Robinson, so I'm not going to reiterate it here. James is one of those writers that could write practically anything and I would read and enjoy it. This comic wasn't the best thing I've ever read that was written by James, but it was perfectly acceptable. James is laying a lot of groundwork for events to come in this series, and if things turn out half as well as the magnificent, spectacular, stupendous, "Starman" comic I'll be overjoyed. For a score, I'll give this comic a 8 out of 10. As James picks up steam in this book, I expect this comic to become one of my must read monthly comics.

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