Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cloak, NOT a role model!

Just figured I throw a scan from the "Runaways" out there... This comic used to be among my favorite books. Damn that Joss Whedon for ruining this series!!


  1. What, you didn't like the late 19th century 'Wonders?' Personally I thought they sucked and the story overall was nothing beyond a mediocre adventure but hey, thats just me.

    Really, time-travel should be left to professionals who think 'The Fonz' is a historical figure!

  2. I hated EVERYTHING about Whedon's "Runaways" run! From the story(yep, the Wonders business did indeed suck), to the ridiculously long waits between issues that are Joss' trademark, nothing about Joss' run impressed me.

    Actually GL, saying those comics were mediocre is a lot nicer than the stuff I'd say about those books! The only guy who seems able to write that series is Brian K Vaughn. Every issue since he left has been really lacking.

  3. It could be a case of Vaughn hadn't meant to create a book where other writers would work on it. Maybe the Runaways have just outlived their entertainability.

  4. I think your last line really sums up the current problem plaguing the Runaways comic. The whole concept really had a very limited shelf-life. The characters can't stay runaways forever, they're bound to grow up eventually. For example, Chase is already over 18, so what exactly is he still running away from? What this title probably needs is a huge change in direction or, as much as I hate to say it, to be ended.