Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green Lantern #40

Yay, it's a new issue of Green Lantern written by Geoff Johns! The past few comics I've read have been lacking, so hopefully Geoff can boost my spirits.

-This issue begins with the former Sinestro Corp member and current Star Sapphire named Fatality deciding she would seek out John Stewart in order to forgive him for accidentally allowing her home planet of Xanshi to be destroyed.

-The Guardians, along with Hal, John and a contingent of Green Lanterns head into the Vega System to arrest the criminals who had taken refuge there, as well as to apprehend Larfleeze, the owner of the Orange Light.

-Hal is still wearing the Blue Lantern ring because he can't think of something he truly hopes for. Until Hal hopes for something, he won't be able to remove the Blue ring from his finger, which is annoying both Hal and the Guardians.

-The Guardians and the Lanterns finally meet up with the Orange Lanterns on the planet of Okaara and discover that anything the use against the Orange Lanterns is harmlessly absorbed, which makes sense, considering the Orange Light represents greed.

-After killing one of the Green Lanterns, an Orange Lantern eats the Green ring and spawns a new Orange Lantern, one in the form of the deceased Green Lantern.

-Larfleeze, who is hiding beneath the surface of the planet, senses Hal's Blue ring and pulls him under the planet in order to take the mysterious Blue ring for his own.

As usual, this was another solid issue of GL. The battle between the Orange Lanterns and the GL Corp was very good, although the fact that the Guardians weren't able to harm the Orange Lanterns was kind of perplexing. I mean if the Guardians can't hurt the Orange Lanterns why hasn't Larfleeze conquered the entire universe? I was always under the impression that the Guardians were among the most powerful beings in the universe...

I have to say, I'm enjoying Hal's interaction with that annoying Blue ring. Hal wishing for world peace and the ring scolding him for being insincere was pretty funny. My one problem with the Hal/Blue ring story is that I find it very hard to believe Hal doesn't hope for anything. There must be something Hal hopes for... The return of dead teammates, the love of Carol, safety for his brother's family, there HAS to be something, doesn't there? For a score, I'll give this comic a score of 8 out of 10. Next issue should be the battle between Hal and Larfleeze, which is something I have been looking forward to since Larfleeze first showed up.

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