Sunday, May 31, 2009

Booster Gold #20

This comic promises to be a bit strange right off the bat. The writer is Keith Giffen, the penciller is Pat Olliffe, and the artist is Dan Jurgens... Huh??? Wasn't Dan writing and doing the art in the last few issues? Now he's not writing, but he's the "artist" even though someone else did the pencil work??? I haven't even read this comic yet and I'm already confused!

-In this comic, Booster heads to 1952 and works with an early version of the Suicide Squad to help expose a Soviet spy working for the US government. Umm, that's pretty much it.

Yeah, there really wasn't all that much that really interested me in this comic. The story was good, if unspectacular. When I'm reading a Booster Gold comic book, I'm looking for really crazy crap to happen, you know, Booster fighting alternate versions of heroes/villains we know and stuff like that, not Booster hanging out with Sgt Rock. For a score, I'll go with a 6 out of 10. This comic gets a very mild recommendation from me.

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