Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Avengers #52

Oh no, it's a new issue of New Avengers, written by the DREAD LORD himself! I'm sure this is going to be horrible. Well, I might as well get this review over with...

-This is going to be brief, because I can only spend so much time thinking about the work of LORD BENDIS before I go insane.

-Dr. Strange(who for some reason is no longer the Sorcerer Supreme)meets up with the New Avengers to catch his breath after battling the Hood. The Hood is now more powerful than Strange because he's possessed by a demon or something... You know, I could have sworn BENDIS revealed Dormammu to be the power behind the Hood's powers. Wouldn't Strange sense Dormammu as the power behind Hood?

-After Strange spends 10(!!!)pages recapping last issue and talking to the Avengers, the team decides to help Strange find the new Sorcerer Supreme.

-Meanwhile, the Hood goes crazy, screams for a while, makes out with Madame Masque and decides to hunt down the people who could possibly be the next Sorcerer Supreme.

-The Avengers head to New Orleans to see if Damian Hellstrom is the new Sorcerer Supreme, but Hood gets there first and attacks Damian.

UGH... Where do I begin? I guess I'll start at the beginning. Was it really necessary to dedicate 10 pages to what was basically filler? The first 10 pages of this comic(not counting advertisements)recapped what we already knew and then had the Avengers and Strange talk about pretty much nothing. For a comic that Marvel is pricing at $3.99, I would hope for A LOT more than what we were given here.

Then there was the inclusion of Damian Hellstrom... The Son of Satan is one of those fringe characters that I've always been partial to, so the fact that BENDIS has decided to use him is awful news for me and any other long time Marvel fans. In the few pages Damian appeared in this comic book, he was totally mis-written, which I guess is par for the course when it comes to BENDIS. The DREAD LORD BENDIS mis-writes everyone else, so why would I expect him to write Damian properly?

Well, I'm glad I got this mess out of the way. Now I won't have to suffer through another issue of New Avengers for a month. For a score I'll go with a 4 out of 10. I wonder what character BENDIS will decide to screw up next month???

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